Cardinal Basketball

It Could Have Been Worse

The fact that Louisville’s season was ended by Morehead State in the first round, and Kentucky made it to the final four, is bad enough. However, it could have been worse. I can’t think of a worse possible scenario than Kentucky winning a national championship and our season ending the way it did. However, the fact that a Big East team ended their season four years in a row does help a little bit. In fact, Kentucky’s season has been ended by a conference foe of Louisville seven of the last nine seasons.

Another thing that slightly helps the situation, is the fact that we now get to see how truly obsessed Kentucky fans are with Louisville. Kentucky made it to the final four for the first time since 1998 and all joking aside that’s a great accomplishment. However, the Louisville first-round loss to Morehead State is still the highlight of their season. The first thing they do after making a great run to the final four is bring up Louisville. What does Louisville have to do with Kentucky making it to the final four? Seriously…get off our jock.

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