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I Hate UK Lets Laugh At Them

We are now just one day away from facing the filthy cats, and I am reminded more by the second how much I hate the University of Kentucky.

However, one thing I hate more than the University of Kentucky, are the fans of the University of Kentucky. UK is a program that is historically known for cheating. Both the basketball and football programs have been penalized by the NCAA in the last 20 years, but if you ask a WildCayut fan, they are the victims here. According to UK fans, everyone is just jealous. Maybe everyone is jealous of a football program that has been the laughing stock of the Southeastern Conference for decades. Maybe were all jealous of a program that holds three of the four longest losing streaks to one team.

One thing Cardinal fans can’t argue, is that the big blue nation has the most fans of any other program. However, most of the WildCayut fans are related. UK fans are inbred hillbillies that spit tobacco, hunt squirrels, and have inappropriate relationships with their siblings.

In the past week, I am sure many Louisville fans have had the same conversation over and over with UK fans. When trying to have a reasonable debate about this weekend’s football game, the only response you get is, “dem Cayuts is gon win by fity”. The same fan that gives you that response is also the fan that can’t name 3 players on the  Kentucky roster.

Win or lose, one thing we know, UK fans smell worse than a decomposing corpse inside a dumpster full of rotten eggs. 80% of the big blue nation spends their off season sexing up farm animals. Also, UK fans are a bunch of racist clan member mullet heads, that go frog giggin and have mutated fetal alcohol syndrome faces.

A special thanks to KSR for inspiring this post.

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