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Gorgui Dieng Reminds Devin Booker That He Isn’t A Tough Guy

For the first time in his five plus years in the NBA former Louisville big man Gorgui Dieng was ejected from a game.

In the third quarter of last night’s T-Wolves and Suns game Deing was involved in a scuffle with former Kentucky guard Devin Booker.

The conformation started with a phenomenal flop by Booker. It starts at the 46-second mark of the video.

Booker sold it initially, but the replay you can tell there wasn’t even any contact from Dieng’s elbow.

Shortly after the play Booker started mouthing to Dieng and my guess is he didn’t like Gorgs telling him that he wasn’t a tough guy.

Gorgui was ready to settle it.

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