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Gorgui Dieng Facing NCAA Clearing House Issues

I am sure everyone has already heard the rumors that incoming freshman forward Gorgui Dieng will not play for Louisville this year, but as of right now those rumors seem be just that…rumors., reported late this afternoon, that Dieng will not play for Louisville this season.
Here is an excerpt:
Card Chronicle has learned that freshman big man Gorgui Dieng has not qualified to play this season and is likely headed to a junior college. The hope is that he will return to Louisville at some point in the future, but the intended outcome doesn’t often come to fruition in these situations.
Quickly after the news started to circulate, the University of Louisville responded by denying the report, claiming that Dieng was still waiting to be cleared by the NCAA clearing house. Dieng is enrolled in classes and has been working out with the team since arriving on campus in August.

In 2008, Dieng finished high school in Africa and enrolled at Huntington Prep a year later. All grades and test scores from Dieng have not been an issue. However, the credibility of his high school curriculum is what is in question by the clearing house. Effective August 1, 2008, all student athletes entering a collegiate institute for the first time must have completed 16 core courses required by the NCAA. The clearing house is looking into whether or not the courses from Dieng’s high school in Africa meet the NCAA requirement.

As of right now, Dieng is still a member of the basketball program. I don’t expect the University to release further information anytime soon. When it comes to news like this, the University of Louisville likes to release the official outcome once the fan base has sort of gotten the hint. If I was a betting man, I would say we do not see Gorgui Dieng in a Louisville uniform this season.

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