Getting To Know The Opponent: UMKC

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UMKC is home to about 16.000 student, and is located in what’s known as the “country club plaza” of Kansas City.  UMKC’s mascot is a Kangaroo.  Kasey the Kangaroo is a beloved staple in Kansas City, and his presence brings joy to all of the children.  The Roo’s have been a part of the Western Athletic Conference since July 1, 2013 even though Missouri doesn’t really scream west coast.

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The most famous Kangaroo is easily former President Harry S Truman.  President Truman took night classes at UMKC, but couldn’t cut it and never graduated.  Danny Carey was the drummer for the band Tool and he was also once a Roo.


Edie Mcglurg was also a Roo.  Mcglurg played Mr. Rooney’s secretary Grace in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. ROONEY!!! Surely folks are familiar with Grace.

Kansas City is located in the western part of Missouri.  Kansas City shares a name and a border with Kansas but is not actually in the Jayhawk state.  Kansas City has the 18th highest crime rate in the country.  Kansas City is sometimes referred to as KC and is officially nicknamed “The City of Fountains”.  Kansas City claims to have the second most fountains on Earth behind Rome.  That’s what they claim, but they really could just be running it to impress the ladies.

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Kansas City produced two icons that members of my generation should be very familiar with.  Walt Disney hailed from Kansas City and later went on to create what would become a massive media empire.  Equally recognizable is Aaron Yates.  Aaron Yates is better known for his rap name, Tech N9ne.  Tech Nina has been doing his rap thing since 1990 and is considered a true underground don in the rap game.

The state of Missouri was a split state during the Civil War. Kansas City played a major role in the course of the Civil War.  Kansas City was in close proximity to Kansas and was primarily a Union stronghold that the confederates could never wrestle away.   The first battle of independence took place in 1862, and the second one went down in 1864.  The South won both independence days but it never really mattered. The South never rose in Kansas City and that was one of the main reasons the state of Missouri was never fully taken by the Confederates.

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Kansas City has a lot of history and diversity oozing from its pores.  UMKC is home to former Louisville assistant Kareem Richardson, and he has had success. His team has struggled pretty badly this year, but the future does appear to be bright. Well, I guess it appears bright in UMKC’s standards,considering they’ve never really had much success at all.

Richardson has brought in some three star recruits which can be big gets for a school like UMKC.  If the game gets tedious think back to this article and share this overkill of information with the people around you.

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