Fox Sports Reporting Former Kentucky Assistant Committed NCAA Violations


After a two year investigation, Fox Sports is reporting that a former staff member of John Calipari has committed NCAA violations at both Memphis and Kentucky. 

Bilal Batley, spent time with Calipari at Memphis and Kentucky, before being let go in 2009 for committing a violation that Kentucky self reported. However, Batley has committed several other violations that went unreported.

Excerpt From Fox Sports:

Batley abruptly resigned as assistant director of basketball operations/manager after he violated NCAA rules by rebounding for a player during a workout in July 2009. Kentucky self-reported the secondary violation and sent Batley a letter of admonishment.

Batley’s job did not allow him to have on-court interaction with players. When he resigned, a team spokesman said he did so to return home because of an illness in his family.

But a nearly two-year FOXSports.com investigation revealed that Batley also broke NCAA rules by making repeated impermissible telephone calls while at both Memphis and Kentucky to recruits such as DeMarcus Cousins and their parents.

When approached by a FOXSports.com reporter after his news conference on Friday, Calipari refused to address any questions regarding Batley.

NCAA rules state that all telephone calls made to or received from a recruit, his parents, legal guardians or coaches must be made and received by a team’s head coach or three countable assistant coaches.

According to Memphis and Kentucky, Batley was not a countable coach at either school. NCAA spokesman Erik Christianson declined comment.

But Cousins, a Sacramento Kings rookie forward who played for Kentucky as a freshman last season and then left for the NBA draft, said Batley played a “big role” in him committing first to Memphis. He then followed Calipari to Kentucky shortly after the coach’s hiring in April 2009.

Cousins was the first major recruit that Calipari landed at Kentucky and helped re-establish the Wildcats’ recruiting reputation among the nation’s elite. He said he and his mother, Monique Cousins, talked to Batley on the telephone while he was at Memphis and Kentucky.

“We stayed in contact with him frequently,” DeMarcus Cousins told FOXSports.com.

Oklahoma freshman guard Cameron Clark and Houston point guard L.J. Rose, one of the nation’s top recruits in the Class of 2012, both said they also talked to Batley via telephone and through text messages while he was at Kentucky.

“He talks to my dad a lot,” Rose said shortly after Batley’s resignation. “I talk to him once or twice every two weeks.”

Rose’s AAU coach, Marland Lowe of Houston Hoops, said he and Batley had talked “all the time.”

When contacted by FOXSports.com, Batley, who said he coached this past season at Navarro College, a junior college in Corsicana, Texas, declined to answer any questions.

“I don’t want to, you know, kind of move forward in terms of writing a story about myself at this moment of time,” said Batley, 28. “I kind of want to leave it at that.”

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