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Five Things You Should Know About Scott Satterfield

On Tuesday afternoon Scott Satterfield will be officially introduced as the next football coach at the University of Louisville. By now, you’ve likely heard a lot about him, but here are five things you should definitely know.

He’s Nearly An App State Lifer 

Satterfield was born and raised in Hillsborough, North Carolina, which is approximately 150 miles from the Appalachian State campus. After graduating from Orange County High School in 1991 Satterfield enrolled to App State and has spent 22 of the last 27 years there as either a player or a coach.

Playing career
1991–1995 Appalachian State
Position(s) Quarterback
Coaching career
1998 Appalachian State (WR)
1999–2002 Appalachian State (RB)
2003–2008 Appalachian State (QB)
2009 Toledo (QB)
2010–2011 FIU (OC)
2012 Appalachian State (OC)
2013–2018 Appalachian State

He Was Part Of A Huge Louisville Upset 

One of the more memorable upsets that the Louisville football team was on the wrong end of was in 2011 when Florida International came into Cardinal Stadium and left with a 24-17 victory.

Most of you remember this as the T.Y. Hilton game. Hilton had seven catchers for 201 yards and two touchdowns. He pretty much beat Louisville by himself.

Scott Satterfield was the play-caller in that game. He servered as the FIU offensive coordinator in 2011 and 2012.

He’s A Proven Winner

Transitioning App State from the FCS level to the FBS level is arguably the most impressive aspect of Satterfield’s resume. In their first season at the highest level of college football the Mountaineers went 7-5. That’s still Satterfield’s worst FBS season.

Scott Satterfield Head Coaching Resume
Appalachian State 7–5 6–2 3rd
Appalachian State 11–2 7–1 2nd W Camellia
Appalachian State 10–3 7–1 T–1st W Camellia
Appalachian State 9–4 7–1 T–1st W Dollar General
Appalachian State 10–2 7–1 T–1st (East) New Orleans
Appalachian State: 51–24 38–10
Total: 51–24

For example, Western Kentucky made the similar jump in 2008. They went 2-24 in their first two seasons.

Satterfield is undefeated in bowl games with a 3-0 record. App State is the only college football program to win it’s first three games that they were eligible for.

The Satterfield Family Is An Athletic One

Scott isn’t the only one with an athletic background in the Satterfield family. His wife beth was a star for the App State track and field team during the early nineties.

Scott and Beth have three children, Bryce (16), Isaac (15) and Alli (14). Bryce and Issac are both football players at Watauga High School. Bryce is a member of the 2020 class and has a recruiting profile in the 247Sports database. Alli is a volleyball player.

I’m sure there are plenty of Louisville area high schools that would love to bring in the Satterfield family.

He’s About To Get a Huge Raise

Prior to the 2018 season Satterfield acquired agent Jimmy Sexton, who represents many of college football’s highest paid coaches, as well as a number of the NFL’s top players. At one point Sexton was the agent for 12 of the 14 coaches in the SEC.

That move paid off as Satterfield signed a new contract in September. His new deal included a low buyout equal to his current contract year base salary, which is $425,000 from now through the 2023. Satterfield earned a lot more than just the $425,000 base pay. He was set to be paid roughly $712,500 in 2018 through various bonuses and incentives.

The terms of his deal with Louisville haven’t been released yet, but it’s safe to say he’ll more than triple his salary after taking over the Cardinal program.

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