Don’t Ignore The Lack Of Talent That Brohm Is Working With At Purdue

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If Vince Tyra decides to pull the trigger at the end of the season and make a change as far as who leads the Louisville football program, it’s quite clear who the top target will be.

We know it won’t be cheap. However, with the  program in the midst of a disastrous season and Jeff Brohm being one of the hottest names in the game, I’d say making the move would be worth it.

Buying out Petrino’s current contract as well as Brohm’s contract at Purdue would cost roughly $18.5 million.

As mentioned, I think it would be money well spent, but at least a handful of others disagree.

I’m sure those that don’t think Brohm should be the next head coach at Louisville have their reasons, but his win/loss record at Purdue shouldn’t be one of them.

Brohm is 11-10 in his first two seasons at Purdue. Obviously that isn’t a great record. In fact, it’s not unthinkable that Purdue finishes the 2018 campaign with a losing record. They’re currently 4-4 and have at least three losable games left on the schedule.

Hiring a coach that doesn’t have an impressive win/loss record would certainly look like a head scratching move on the surface. However, it wouldn’t mean that Brohm isn’t the best available coach out there.

The fact that Brohm has been able to go 11-10 with the talent he has is pretty damn impressive. The team he inherited in 2017 arguably has less talent than any other power five program.

Brohm took over a roster littered with players from the 2014-17 recruiting classes. Those classes for Purdue were among the worst of the 65 power five football programs. 

Class National Ranking Power Five Big 10 Ranking
2014 70th 64th 13th
2015 67th 63rd 14th
2016 80th 65th 14th
2017 72nd 65th 14th
2018 51st 51st 11th

Going 7-6 in 2017 when Vegas set the win total at 2.5 might be the most impressive thing on Brohm’s resume.

As you can see, after one year at Purdue, the recruiting rankings made a climb with Brohm running the show. The class he’s putting together in 2019 is currently ranked 26th nationally, which is unheard of for Purdue.

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