Disappointing Numbers From Spring Game Attendance

Brian Bennett of ESPN’s Big East Football blog recently released the Spring Game attendance numbers for 7 of the 8 Big East programs. Unfortunately, the Cards attendance ranked in at second to last in the league.

West Virginia: 22,000
Rutgers: 21,120
Syracuse: 4,206
Connecticut: 2,500
South Florida: 2,493
Cincinnati: N/A (Cincinnati’s wasn’t officially reported but is believed to be anywhere from 2,500-3,000)
Louisville: 2,483
Pittsburgh: 1,507

It’s hard for me to be critical of the fans for the low turnout considering I couldn’t make it myself. I like to think that the terrible weather was the main reason for the no-show, but I’m sure there were other factors as well. Charlie Strong is a bad mad, but it’s even tough for him to compete with Elton John, who was in concert at the Yum! Center the same night as the Spring Game.

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