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DeVante Parker’s Agent Rips Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase

Wilfredo Lee (AP)

Things haven’t gone well for DeVante Parker in his fourth season with the Miami Dolphins.

The Louisville native has played in just two games in 2018 due to a broken finger and a nagging quad injury. Parker was listed as inactive in Miami’s loss to the Detroit Lions.

Following the game Dolphins head coach Adam Gase claimed that Parker still wasn’t 100% healthy, but that’s only one side of the story.

Parker’s agent, Adam Gould, claims that his client was not only healthy and ready to go against the Lions, but that he could’ve played in two other games he was inactive for.

Gould ripped Gase to just about anyone who would listen to him.


“I find the decision to make DeVante inactive today by Coach Gase incompetent and insulting. It’s also just not true and I am sick of hearing him say my player is not healthy. This is the third game this year that DeVante should have played in when you include the Jets and [New England]. DeVante is healthy and with injuries and [the Dolphins’] 6.1 [YPC], DeVante could have and should have been allowed to contribute.

“What a horrific decision by Coach Gase and he needs to take a very long look in the mirror and make himself inactive.”


“Coach Gase is incompetent — period — and not telling the truth when it comes to DeVante, who is totally healthy and was needed big-time today. This is the third game he has done this to DeVante this year. It’s sickening and a grossly unfair characterization of my client.”

To the Palm Beach Post

“I am responding that coach Gase is not telling the truth and his decision was an example of poor management and cost the team the best opportunity to win. He continues attacking the health of my client and that is not acceptable.

Parker is not only healthy but wants to help this team win and the only real question that should be asked is how does coach Gase justify his own incompetence. The team averaged only 6.1 yds per catch. They need Parker active. He is completely healthy and was in full participation all week and in warmups this morning. Something smells in Miami.”

Hopefully Parker will be traded sooner rather than later.

There’s no denying that he’s had injury issues throughout his pro career, but if he’s fully healthy and they’re still keeping him inactive that is pretty weak.

It seems Parker needs a fresh start in a major way. This type of drama can only increase the chances of Miami working to get a deal in place.

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