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Despite Reports Of Mystery Candidates, Satterfield Still Looks Like The Guy For Louisville

As of Monday afternoon the Louisville football head coaching position is still vacant.

Given that Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield confirmed on Friday that Louisville reached out and that he was willing to listen to their offer, most expected it to be official by now.

Tyra and Satterfield met on Sunday, but there’s been no update as far as what transpired. If an offer was made, you’d think Satterfield would have accepted and this thing could be official any minute.

If we get to Tuesday morning and there’s still no word on Satterfield taking the Louisville gig, that wouldn’t necessarily mean that it wont’ happen, but I’d start to wonder what the hold up is.

Jody Demling over at has been as plugged in as anyone during the coaching search. He reports that multiple sources have told him that Vince Tyra is expected to name a new head coach within 24 hours. I’d say if that holds up, it’ll be Satterfield that gets announced as the next coach at Louisville.

On Monday morning reported that Maryland interim head coach/offensive coordinator Matt Canada was a candidate and would interview for the job. This report appears to have surfaced solely to help Matt Candada.

Jake Lourim of the Courier-Journal uncovered that the report came from Scott Roussel, the brother of Pete Roussel who just so happens to be the agent of Matt Canada. Maryland is expected to finish their coaching search today and Canada is one of their top candidates. Putting out that Louisville is interested in Canada might make Maryland react by offering him the job. These things are common in coaching searches.

Outside of Satterfield, it’s tough to know where the other candidates rank. Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickell and Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chip Long have been mentioned, but that’s about as deep as it goes at this point.

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