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Coach Strong Is Pissed

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Rick Bozich Article

Strong perturbed by Cards’ wasted practice

Louisville football coach Charlie Strong is a man who chooses his words carefully, and the words he delivered after his team’s practice on Wednesday suggested he was annoyed by the performance of his guys.

Strong thought that with the Kentucky game only 10 days away and the practice moved into Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium that he would preside over a spirited session, the kind of practice any coach loves before a rivalry game.

He was wrong.

And angry.

Strong called the practice wasted and said that he was upset with the ‘leaders’ on his team for not leading the way he wants his team to be led.

After speaking to the media for about four minutes, Strong appeared to leave the stadium for the indoor Trager Center. A handful of players followed, including linebacker Brandon Heath, one of the Cards’ top defensive players.

Practice was closed to the media, so I can’t tell you what upset Strong or if the session was as awful as Strong indicated. Quarterback Adam Froman said the mistakes included mental errors as well as a lack of intensity. The Cards worked with game officials as Strong tried to sharpen his team’s focus on Kentucky.

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