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Cardinal QB Depth Chart

Other than the Cardinal Baseball team doing big things there really is not a whole lot going on this time of year for Louisville Athletics…I realize it is only the first of June but lets take a look at who we  could see taking the snaps this season on the gridiron.

The Spring depth chart reads as follows.

1.  Adam Froman 6’4 226 Senior

Last year Froman played in 8 games threw for 1350 yards with 6 TD’s and 5 Int’s…Known for his mobility out of the pocket I was honestly surprised with his accuracy…Adam really struggles to throw the long ball but with a little bit of time he seems to be able to put the ball where he wants. Altough this is just the depth chart for the spring I feel the starting spot is Fro’s to lose.

2. Justin Burke 6’3 221 Senior

Burke was named the starter at the beginning of last season…after starting the first 3 games of the season Justin got injured and we didn’t see much of him after that. He played in only 5 games throwing for 654 yards with 3 TD’s and 5 Int’s…Burke is more of a pocket Q.B. – In the limited time we saw him he had some good moments and he also had some REALLY bad moments…Justin might have been a little more successful if he had more time…but I really didnt see much that made me believe he could help us put points on the board.

3. Will Stein 5’10 180 Sophomore

Will Stein played in 4 games throwing for 45o yards with 0 TD’s and 1 Int. – Stein is listed at 5’10 but looks more like 5’8 to me. Many people close to the program seem to think the starting QB gig would be Stein’s for sure if he was a tad bit taller. Although he is a bit vertically challenged I would go ahead and give back up (second string) spot to Stein. Based on what I saw last year I don’t see much separating Burke and Stein other than Stein seems to have a little bit better leadership skills.

4. Luke Woodley 6’2 169 Freshman

Luke Woodley is a first year freshman. Woodley graduated high school a semester early and enrolled at UofL in January. Woodley threw for 4,162 yards and 40 touchdowns as a senior at Highland Park and led his team to an 11-2 record. He earned All-State honors and completed the season with a 70.5 completion rate on the season. All I have heard from everyone about this kid is that he has a pretty strong arm.

A positive note about the depth at QB is each of the first 3 QB’s on the depth chart started and won a game last year…The negative side of that is that none of the 3 seem to have separated from each other.

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