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Brohm Watch – Decision Day: What We Know & What Recruits Are Saying

As of 10:45 EST Jeff Brohm has yet to announce a decision.

Will he come home and take over the Louisville football program or will he remain at Purdue and continue to build?

As of this exact moment (10:47 AM), I think only Jeff and his family know what he’s going to do. However, there’s a chance he’s still trying to decide.

Reports surfaced yesterday that Brohm was expected to make a decision by Wednesday, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s guaranteed to happen.

What We Know

Brohm and Vince Tyra met on Tuesday afternoon in Central Indiana. From what I’ve been told, the meeting was just with Vince and Jeff. There were no agents involved. Sources say the meeting lasted roughly three hours and although there was no decision made, Tyra felt good about it.

WLKY reports that the deal that Brohm was offered was for seven years between four to five million annually. The report also states that the Brohm family met on Tuesday night to discuss their options.

WDRB reported this morning that Purdue called a team meeting for 11:00 central time.

What Recruits Are Saying

247Sports reports that Brohm is out recruiting for Purdue in the Chicago area as of Tuesday night and Wednesday. It doesn’t appear that this report has been confirmed. Even if it is, I wouldn’t look too far into it. Clearly it doesn’t look great for Louisville, but technically he is still employed by Purdue.

Another thing that isn’t a great look, but may not mean anything is the Tweets from Purdue staffers. Brohm’s assistant coaches are conducting business as usual, but I’d say that’s standard in these situations.

The Courier-Journal reports that Louisville’s 2019 recruits have been given the impression Jeff Brohm will be named the school’s next head coach.


Only Jeff knows what he’s going to do…or maybe he hasn’t even decided yet…

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