Bobby Gonzalez Takes a Shot At Pitino


In case you were unaware…former Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez is pissed!!! Gonzalez was forced to resign after the season ended.  The Pirates failed to make the NCAA tournament in all 4 years of the Gonzalez era but they did improve each year he was there. It was expected that next season would be the year for Seton Hall to make some noise…unfortunately for Bobby he will not be a part of it. Gonzalez is now suing the school for the remaining two years on his contract. Most anticipate that Seton Hall will settle up and pay him. Bobby Gonzalez has a chance to smear the Seton Hall program if his case goes to court. The reason I added this info about Gonzalez is because some of the comments he has made in the last few weeks about Louisville coach Rick Pitino and new Seton Hall coach and former Louisville assistant Kevin Willard. In a recent interview Gonzalez was asked about his chances of coaching at another high level school in the future and he responded with this.

“If you look around the country — and I’m certainly not going to name any names of coaches or schools — but there’s been guys right now currently (coaching) that have had sex scandals,” he said. “There have been guys that have had DWIs that are coaching. There have been guys that have had major NCAA violations that are coaching.”

I think we all know Gonzalez was not fired beacuse of his results on the court…He was fired because he is an asshole. His ego was huge for a guy with only 2 NCAA tourament appearances with 11 years as a head coach. How do you expect to keep your job when you make statements like this?

 “Nobody’s gonna tell me how to run my (expletive) program,” the university’s countersuit alleges Gonzalez screamed at law school dean Patrick Hobbs. “Not you, not Monsignor (Robert Sheeran), not (athletic director) Joe Quinlan. This is my (expletive) program. My (expletive) program.”

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