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Bilal For President


The biggest surprise of the year without a doubt is the play of Bilal Powell. Before Charlie Strong made comments to the media about Powell being “the face of the program”, I had heard from a couple of players that during spring practice Strong was telling the team that Powell will be one of the best backs in the country and that he could start for Florida.

To be completely honest, when I first heard that, I assumed Tom Jurich had hired a crazy person. However, Powell has lived up to Coach Strong’s high expectations.

Powell, had some impressive moments early on in his career, but to speak bluntly, I thought he had a bad season last year. He seemed two steps too slow and I felt like every time he carried the ball he was gonna get brought down in the backfield. Bilal, went from being an average back at best, to one of the top rushers in the country. 

The numbers Powell has put up this year are flat out ridiculous. In six games, Powell has rushed for 898 yards and six touchdowns. He is currently first in the Big East in rushing for a running back and third in the nation. In the last two games alone, he has rushed for 413 yards and  3 touchdowns of 70 or more yards 

If Powell can continue to do what he is doing and the Cards can win a few more games and finish near the top of the conference, Powell has a great chance to win Big East P.O.Y.

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