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Big East Expansion Talk

In the last week two Big 12 schools have evacuated the conference as Colorado left for the PAC 10 and Nebraska is moving to the Big Ten. Many fans of Big East teams are left wondering how this will effect their school. At this point in time the Big East seems to be standing strong. In the last few weeks there have been many rumors floating around about different conferences raiding the Big East. Jim Williams of the Washington Examiner spoke to a member of the Big East advisory board who had this to say when asked about possibility of school’s leaving the conference.

“We are in constant contact with all of member institutions and there has been no discussions by anyone about leaving. Our 16 members represent some of this country’s finest private and state run universities and they are all proud to be part of the Big East conference. I also want to put to rest any speculation that we are going to drop any of our members from the conference – that is simply not going to happen.”

With that being said there are still many scenarios that could happen. If the Big 12 continues to lose school’s to the Pac10 there will be a number of Big12 schools that will need to find a conference. Kansas A.D. Lew Perkins who previously held the same position at Uconn could play a major role in helping put Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Missouri and Baylor in the Big East. Right now all Louisville fans can do is sit and wait. It is still unclear what will become of the Big 12.

Recent Rumor’s that could effect Louisville.

  • Louisville  and West Virginia to the SEC- Both schools are strong in basketball which would help the SEC in that regards. Adding these two would not make the SEC stronger but I dont see it effecting the conference in a negative way. I don’t see this happening but it does make sense.
  • Memphis to the Big East – Why Memphis wasn’t added to the Big East in 2005 I am not sure but they would fit perfectly in the conference. It would also renew the old school Louisville vs. Memphis rivalry.
  • Louisville to the Big 12 – If the Big 12 can stand strong and only lose a few schools while keeping their BCS bid they will likely welcome a few new members to the conference. This is not really a rumor but I could see it happening. Our Football would improve greatly and our basketball would not take much of a hit.
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