Bearcats 25 – Cards 16: Louisville Offense Still Struggling

I will be brief and blunt. This Louisville football teams is now 2-4 and doesn’t appear to be very good. The Cards defense is good enough to keep it close in every game for the rest of the season, but if this offense doesn’t improve, Louisville will have trouble winning another game.

Although the offense was bad throughout the whole game, you had to feel a little optimistic with the Cards leading 16-7 at half-time. However, the second half was an absolute melt-down, particularly the third quarter. In fact, Louisville has scored just 3 points in third quarter on the season, and 21 total second half points.

I thought the switch from Sanford to Watson would be significant, however Watson has just one offense touchdown in two games as the offensive coordinator. Plain and simple, this offense is not working. The weapons are there, but I have seen very few play-calls that actually fit the personnel of this team.  The offensive line is bad and undisciplined. There is no excuse to have this many false start penalties. I doubt there is another team in the country that gets penalized for false starts more than Louisville.

Regardless of Cincinnati’s 25 points, I still think this Louisville defense is very good. However, that just makes it more frustrating to know that if the offense was just a LITTLE BIT BETTER, this Louisville team would be pretty tough to beat.


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