An Updated Look At Louisville’s 2020 Recruiting Class

Chris Humphrey

Signing day for the 2020 recruiting class is still a long way away, but with Louisville now having a total of five commitments let’s take a look at how Scott Satterfield’s staff is doing compared to other power five programs.

Louisville’s class ranks 48th nationally and 11th out of 14 ACC teams.

Other P5 Offers: Missouri, Wake Forest & Washington State

Other P5 Offers: None

Other P5 Offers: Georgia Tech, Kansas, Kansas State, Miami, Rutgers & Syracuse

Other P5 Offers: None

Other P5 Offers: Colorado, Pittsburgh, Rutgers & Syracuse

It’s too early to fully eventuate this staff’s ability to recruit. Once we get closer to signing day we’ll have a better feel for where this class is going to end up ranked.

Scott Satterfield typically put together classes at Appalachian State that ranked in the bottom half of the Sun Belt Conference, yet still the Mountaineers were one of the better teams in the league annually. That shows Satterfield’s ability to evaluate and develop talent.

The question is will he be able to do the same thing at the ACC level? Only time will tell.

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