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5 Things I’d Like To See Against Oregon State

– Keep It Close: The spread in this game has jumped from 14 to 20 in the last few days. It might take close to a miracle for a Louisville win, but I think the Cards can keep it respectable. Even with a loss, it would be nice to walk away from this game knowing this team is continuing to get better.

– Convert On 3rd Down: 2 for 10 on 3rd down last week really killed a lot of the drives on offense. Time of possession will be critical for the Cards tomorrow. If Louisville can keep the chains moving and keep the Rogers brothers off the field as much as possible, they may stand a chance.

– No Dropped Balls: The biggest disappointment in this young season would have to be the play of the wide receivers. You know what you’re gonna get from guys like Beaumont and Graham, but the rest of the receiving group needs to step up and catch some balls. I am anxious to see how Josh Belamy performs in his second game. Hopefully, Belamy was just suffering from nerves last week.

– Freshman QB Dominique Brown: I don’t care where at, I just want to see Brown on the field. Rumor has it, Brown has been getting reps at wide receiver this week. ¬†This kid is too good of an athlete to not be playing somewhere.

– Continue To Play Well On Special Teams: The special teams play has been a pleasant surprise this year. Doug needs to continue to lay people out on kick-offs and punts. Philpott needs to put anything within 50 yards through the up rights. A nice performance from Vic in the return game would help as well.

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