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5 Things I’d Like To See Tomorrow Against EKU

A Blowout: The last time Louisville beat an opponent by three touchdowns or more was on 9/6/2008, against Tennessee Tech. Louisville has not scored four touchdowns or more in a game since 10/18/2008, against Middle Tennessee State. Needless to say, we are due.

– A sack and an interception: Coach Strong was very hard on his team this week for not being able to get a sack against Kentucky. EKU will throw about 85% of the time, so hopefully Greg Scruggs can sneak through and snot bubble the QB. An interception would be great to see also. EKU will likely try to expose the secondary.

– Chris Philpott with a day off: Louisville’s performance last week in the red zone, was similar to last year…Pitiful. It would be nice to trade a few field goals for touchdowns. Bilal Powell bailed out the Louisville offense with an 80 yard touchdown last week for the Cardinal’s only end zone appearance.

– More than 5 rushing yards from Adam Froman: Last week against Kentucky, Froman looked a little uncomfortable in the pocket. For some reason, instead of tucking the ball and trying to make a play on his feet, Fro stood in the pocket until it was too late.  If Froman can make the defense respect his mobility, it will likely free up some receivers. The tuck and run is a big element of Froman’s game. If he doesn’t give us many yards on the ground, he definitely needs to start airing it out.

– A touchdown from Doug Beaumont: Saying Doug is due would be an understatement. In two seasons as a receiver, Beaumont has caught 103 passes for 1,255 yards, but has never scored a touchdown. It is a travesty to think this is Doug’s last year. Krapthorpe wasted his redshirt year using him very briefly on special teams. After the game last week I had listen to a Kentucky fan (UK Matt) go on a rant about how Doug is overrated and a huge bust. Everyone knows that it is impossible to argue with a UK fan, so I sat and listened. When you think that in two years with 103 catches and 0 TD’s there is no denying that it’s disappointing. However, to say Doug is a bust is a huge stretch. Despite never getting in the end zone, Beaumont has averaged 8 receptions a game in two seasons. In 2008 Doug had 62 catches for 750 yards. Had he gotten a redshirt year in 2007, he would have battled teammate Vic Anderson for 2008 Big East newcomer of the year. Let’s hope and pray that when we get in the red zone tomorrow we look for #27.

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