The 2014-15 Louisville Basketball Roster Has Been Released

Photo: Pete Cautilli

Photo: Pete Cautilli

With incoming freshman Jaylen Johnson now officially with the program, Rick Pitino’s roster for the 2014-15 season is complete. The program released their updated roster on Monday evening with all of the of the incoming freshman listed.

All returning players will keep their number from last season, other than Wayne Blackshear. He’ll now wear No. 25, which he wore in high school.

2014-15 Louisville Basketball Roster

2014-15 roster

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  1. Could this be a final four team?

  2. Yes Steve.. Rozier will be twice the ball player as last year, he’ll make Chris jones look bad. Harrell will dominate too. Just hope the freshman have the mentality Rozier had last year as a freshman.

  3. Wow, when have we ever had eight players 6’8″ or taller, to my sixty years of memory, never.

    I see we added another walk on too, always a nice thing.

    This team should be fun to watch; watching them play and grow.

  4. Wayne is going back to #25…interesting. That was his # during his freshman year as well. Wants to go back to the Final 4 game against UK and get the mojo back

  5. Elite 8 bound and then knockedout sorry tardinals

    • coach calimari could it be that you are running out of money to buy these players? sloops wants some of the money for football. EVERYONE knows you cheat pay players and could give a rats ass if they stay or leave. Just get a booster to dish out a few hundred thousand and retoad. Shame most of your players couldn’t pass any of their courses except basket weaving and bowling. They are tough classes for pinheads!

  6. Terminator201……this site is no place to discuss UK….stop the player hating… the way I am a UL grad…..and UL fan…..there is no place for this type of player hating…..if a coach is doing something wrong… will come to light…….

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