Kentucky Fans Burned Down A House & Disowned A Legend Last Night

Heading into last night’s national championship game, regardless of the outcome, we knew that Kentucky fans would go insane. A win would have resulted in a celebratory riot, but unfortunately the loss led to a widespread meltdown throughout the streets of Lexington.

Police estimate around 5,000 people gathered after the game where there were 19 couch fires, several small trash fires, 31 arrests, and 23  injuries. The Lexington Fire Department also reports that a vacant house on State Street burned down and investigators determined it was intentionally set.

It gets worse. Not only did Kentucky fans respond to last night’s loss in terrorizing fashion, but they also disowned a Wildcat legend. Prior to the game, former Kentucky star Rex Chapman sent out a Tweet indicating that John Calipari to the Los Angeles Lakers as a “done deal.” Not only did Kentucky fans not want to believe Chapman’s news, they also didn’t appreciate the timing of the Tweet.

Clay Travis of Fox Sports compiled a list of Tweets sent to Chapman within 45-minutes of the game ending.

@Sarahbethusaky: @rexchapman trader

@wildcat83: @rexchapman “Hey Rex. If u had cancer? Would you tell your daughter on her wedding day?”

@kingjohnson1403: “Dumb bastard @rexchapman you think u know all .. Know your daughter is a whore”

@donniehoward2 :  “@rexchapman Suck a fat baby’s cock Rex Chapman.”

@chrisgrichard: “@rexchapman I almost followed u, then I realized your incredibly selfish timing of that tweet was just for more followers. **unfollow**”

@dustin_walker22: “@rexchapman you ruined this night for #BBN. How could you do this right before the game? You’re an ass and no longer apart of #BBN in my eye”

@shooteruk: “@rexchapman played 666 games in his NBA career, coincedence number? I think not, you have traded on UK, drop his jersey from Rafters.”

@clrwinwyant: “@rexchapman You were a rock star when I was young. You are an asshat now. #betterasamemory”

@jcarpenter: ” @rexchapman Rex Chapman likes Obama”

@travisg: “@rexchapman Hey stupid, thx for the B.S. Buzz kill. Your now dead to me.”

@chelseaabner: “You’re a washed up old man. GET THE FUCK OUT. @rexchapman”

@willmenser: “Are you kidding @rexchapman ? Cal would give his life for this team! Did you really ever play for UK? Cause you don’t act like a supporter!”

Kentucky beat Louisville twice this season and put an end to one of the most memorable eras in the history of the program. They still have bragging rights. That said, last night’s events remind us all how much better it is to be on the Louisville side of the rivalry.

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  1. people were murdered in louisville and they didnt win anything lol

    • Bingo! This is a typical BBN fan at it’s best. What does a murder in Louisville have to do with what UK fans did in connection with a basketball game? I guess there aren’t any murders in Lexington. Nice comparison you no toothed sister loving degenerate. Go Cayuts… UK fans cease to amaze me…..LOL

  2. Sent my old couch to Lexington knowing they would burn it no matter the outcome of the game. Experts always worn society about folks that like fires. By the way I heard a lot of celebrating in Louisville after the game .Little blue nation must really have some special fans when others are glad to see them loss.

    • While you are at it, send your new one to WVU…that’s where the couch burning all originated…but you wouldn’t know that because you just want to pick at UK fans.

      In fact, if you know anyone else who has old couches, have them send one to Duke, NC, and Uconn while they are at it. They will need them eventually…you may also want to save a couple for yourselves because College kids do crazy things…even when they are from UofL.

  3. As long as no one gets hurt and the fires are contained.. Whocares!!! If the house was old and vacant and they had no plans to restore it, then they did the city a favor. Stop trying to make Lexington look bad. Louisville is the thug capital. You can’t even take your family to the Big Four Bridge without putting your lives in danger. So stop your bs rants about how terrible Lexington is because if you want stats Louisville is way worse in the crime arena. That being said.. Rex Chapman had very poor timing. :)

    • 1. People did get hurt, there “23 injuries”
      2. As to your “who cares?” statement. The tax payers of Lexington are having to fund all of the extra police officers, fireman, and medical personal who have to try and contain your universities shennanigans.
      3. You are listing a one time, extremely unordinary event as evidence that you can’t go to the big four bridge. That’s like saying you can’t go to Lexington because that one dude got murdered that one time.
      4. Listing a cities crime rate has nothing to do with this conversation. It’s comparing universities. When UK beat UofL, UofL students did not go out and start over 30 fires and cause 23 injuries like a bunch of babies throwing one gigantic temper tantrum.

    • Donna you’re absolutely correct. As long as the house was old and vacant, and the owner had absolutely no plans to restore it, then the mob was not only justified in burning it down, but they did the community a favor. They also did a favor to the owner, who, instead of having a piece of real estate worth somewhere between 50K and 150K, now gets to pay for demolition, and has nothing to sell. They also did a favor to the insurance companies, who get to pay for a house that was intentionally set on fire. You are a freaking idiot.

    • Nevermind the tax dollars that the Lexington residence have to pay for all the fires the LFD had to respond to, or the potential it had TO actually hurt someone. It’s not speaking bad of Lexington, but the fans who were causing this.

  4. UofL fans are delirious if they think they are exempt from this type of behavior.

    Also, fans shot off fireworks downtown in the midst of it all. I’d say you all were lucky you didn’t accidentally start any fires because you certainly had the “supplies.”

    All College fan bases get out of hand when a championship game is underway, win or lose, and the only reason you even pick on our UK fans is because you all have nothing else to pick at, at least not until Football Season starts.

    Let it go, you did not make it past the sweet 16 and your fans are no mightier or safer than any other fans in the United States (including UK fans).

    Be happy for your brother for a change…Russ Smith at least showed some diginity and class as he cheered us on in the final game against Uconn. You would think that fans of his would borrow a page from that.

    I fully support the Cards when they aren’t playing the Cats, it is good for our state…so stop complaining and being sore losers.

  5. William you are so right when you say WVU started the whole thing , but it would cost me alot more to send it to WVU, AND THOSE HILLY ROADS MAKE HARD To KEEP THE COUCH ON TOP OF MY CAR. I really don’t hate UK or it’s fans considering both my brothers graduated from there. I just love to give them grief and they give it right back. By the way when Louisville plays in the ACC I will send a couch or two to Duke or NC. Go Cards!!!

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