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Spring football practices are right around the corner, and Bobby Petrino is chomping at the bit to get that work in.  The Cardinal skill positions are once again stuffed to the gills with elite level talent.  The “who is the fastest cardinal?” was placed on the table and left there a couple years ago.  Coach P has already begun 5 AM practices and weight room activities.  Recently he got all of the players out on the field to clock their 40-yard dash times.  The Cardinal football team showed off their speed to their new coach, and some student athletes made a huge impression.

Both Corvin Lamb and Robert Clark burned the competition by running their 40-yard dashes in 4.30 seconds.  Charles Gaines may have come off the blocks poorly and he lagged behind with his 4.31.  The current Cardinal trio of Lamb, Clark, and Gaines would have been top five performers in February’s NFL draft combine. Dri Archer was the only player to run his 40 in a faster time than 4.30 seconds.  Devante Parker’s presence on this list surprised some who consider him more of a vertical threat than a speed demon.  DP’s was just enough to edge out fellow Louisville native James Quick.  Quickie is still a freshman and is the youngest person on this list by a landslide.

Top 10 40-Yard-Dash Times

1. RB Corvin Lamb — 4.30

1.WR Robert Clark — 4.30

3. CB Charles Gaines — 4.31

4. WR DeVante Parker — 4.34

5. WR James Quick — 4.38

6. WR George Clements — 4.40

7. Safety Terrence Ross — 4.42

8. CB Terell Floyd — 4.43

9. WR Matt Milton — 4.46

9. WR Eli Rodgers — 4.46

9. RB Brandon Radcliff — 4.46

Charlie Strong built the Cardinals into one of the quickest teams in all of college football during his tenure here.  Coach Bobby Petrino knows that a lot of the swiftness resides on the offensive side of the ball.  Coach Petrino is an offensive mastermind that can get creative to use Louisville’s speed in a myriad of ways.  Charles Gaines is a defensive player that has switched between offense and defense multiple times.  Gaines’ speed may be enough to convince Coach Petrino to start young Mr. Gaines on both sides of the ball.   Bobby Petrino and Louisville fans should already be salivating about the upcoming football season.

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