Who Will Accompany Teddy Bridgewater At The NFL Draft?

Pete Cautilli - The Cardinal Connect

Pete Cautilli – The Cardinal Connect

The first night of the NFL draft is a made for TV spectacle.  Commissioner Rodger Goodell brings out all the stops in New York City to welcome the newest class of players that are to be drafted into the league.  Every year a number of top picks are invited to attend the first night of the NFL draft.  These few elite college athletes shake the hand of the commissioner while posing for a picture in front of national media after learning which team selected them.   All eyes are on those young men on this night, and Teddy Bridgewater will be counted among them this year.

Top picks usually travel to New York with an entourage that includes at least their mother, their girlfriend, and their coach.  Many predict Teddy Bridgewater as the number one overall pick.  No University of Louisville football player has been selected number one overall before.  Will Texas Head Coach Charlie Strong be with Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater on draft night?

It would not be a huge deal if Charlie was to be with Teddy on draft night nor would it be a slight to the university or the fans.  Charlie Strong took one of the premier jobs in all of sports and UofL fans cannot be mad at him for that.  However, if Charlie does accompany Teddy to the draft it could impact Louisville negatively.  ESPN and all of the major media outlets will be looking to interview everyone in the Bridgewater camp regardless of where Teddy is drafted.   The focus will be shifted to the University of Texas once Charlie is interviewed.  An opportunity to let UofL football shine would be shadowed by its recently estranged coach.

Tom Jurich would be the perfect person to represent the university with Teddy at the Draft.  Current Head Coach Bobby Petrino should not accompany Teddy.  We need to keep the eras separate, and having Bobby there would just be awkward.  Besides, I’m not too sure Teddy has ever met Bobby.  Clint Hurtt is another name that makes sense.  Hurtt was retained by the new coaching regime and played a key role in bringing Teddy to Louisville.  Hurtt is a favorite amongst the players and has a special relationship with the Miami kids.

Ultimately I believe the decision rests with Teddy.   You can expect to see Tom Jurich if it’s up to the university.  It makes sense that Clint Hurtt should be the one to accompany Teddy to New York because he is the perfect compromise.  Hurtt provides Teddy some support while still being a familiar face that is tied to the university.  Louisville has never been in this position and the circumstances are unfortunate.  A day that should be about the celebration and evolution of Louisville football could become an awkward University of Texas infomercial.

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  • SamReader

    Considering the amount of coverage that ESPN has given her this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was his mom to accompany him. They’ll probably talk about his abilities/stats on the field, then flip to his off the field battle with his mom’s previous illness. I think it would be great to focus on something of real importance (the battle against cancer) instead of the national coaching carousel. #L1C4