Louisville Ranked As The Fifth Best Gig In College Hoops


SportsOnEarth.com, a partnered site of USA Today Sports, published a list of the Top 25 college basketball head coaching jobs.

The Louisville job came in at No. 5 on the list, behind Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and North Carolina.

The Top 25 Coaching Jobs In College Basketball

1. Kentucky Wildcats. Has only slipped into the this top spot in the last couple of years under John Calipari, and Robert Morris will remind you to wear the crown warily. Anyone who has ever attended a neutral court game involving Kentucky knows the power of this fanbase.

2. Kansas Jayhawks. James Naismith coached there, which is not for nothing. Bill Self feels like the perfect Kansas coach.

3. Duke Blue Devils. It feels strange having them this low, but we’ll know in 20 years if this is a college basketball school or a Coach K school. Seeing the recruiting gains of the last few years implies the former.

4. North Carolina Tar Heels. The emotional cradle of college basketball. Still, doesn’t it seem like the Roy Williams era has been a bit more up-and-down that you thought it would be?

5. Louisville Cardinals. A new arena, and a fanbase that expands far beyond the university’s campus.

Complete List

Below is a list of the criteria that Sports on Earth used when compiling these rankings.

1. We’re not talking necessarily about the best teams, or the best tradition, or exclusively any of that. It’s a combination of those things, along with facilities, recruiting bases, job perks, salaries, prestige — all of it.

2. This could change every year, but it shouldn’t change dramatically every year. Again, tradition counts for plenty. Butler doesn’t automatically get in the top 10 for the Stevens Era, and UCLA isn’t sent plummeting down the list because of whatever they’re doing with Steve Alford right now.

3. The rankings are based on one fundamental question: If I were a hypothetical Average Coach, which job would I most desire? Fred Hoiberg may feel that he has the perfect job for him at Iowa State, but few others would feel the same about having that job. Personal preferences are nice and everything, but they don’t count here.

Although I think Louisville is an outstanding job, it’s hard to deny those ranked ahead of the Louisville gig.

The fact that Louisville plays in the nicest arena in the country, has great tradition and has had just two coaches in the last 40 years who are both hall-of-famers is unreal. Any coach in the country would consider Louisville a dream job.

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