The Barren County Prosecutor Is A Classless Kentucky Fan

Barrenn County

If you live on planet Earth, then by now you’re more than well aware of the recent Kevin Ware situation. The Louisville junior guard was pulled over in Barren County, KY., towards the end of October and was cited for reckless driving and speeding.

Ware had a court date scheduled for Monday Nov. 18, but didn’t show up. His date was later rescheduled for the following Monday. It was later revealed that the car that Ware was driving belonged to one of his close friends who is also a student at the University of Louisville. For some reason, this became a huge story. Thankfully, this entire ordeal has quickly died down over the past 48-hours.

While I’m sure you’re all well aware of who Kevin Ware is, I don’t expect you to know who Doug Hardin is. Fortunately for you, I’m going to tell you all about Doug Hardin.

According to his Google+ account and his Twitter account, Hardin is the Barren County prosecutor and the assistant county attorney. Hardin is also an avid Kentucky Wildcats fan. Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that someone with that type of position would have a little more class than this.

Barren County SS

Barren County SS1

Are you thinking what I was thinking when I initially read this? There is no way that someone in this type of position is really saying these things. This can’t be real. Afraid so.

Judging from this Facebook post, I’m assuming someone gave Hardin a talking to.

Barren County SS2

Despite acknowledging that he failed miserably at attempting to be funny, as of 3 PM on Thursday afternoon, Hardin still hasn’t removed the post with his joke regarding Kevin Ware’s broken leg. He also failed to realize that his Facebook profile is 100% open to the public. I imagine it won’t stay like that for long.

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  1. Did he REALLY think this would not get out?

    • Can’t decide if we’re lucky for this or not, but frankly, I’ll bet there are still many politicians who don’t even know their own primary email ID, much less password.

  2. The Louisville wins by 40 post was not bad though. Tastefully done.

    • That prosecutor is classless, alright–we’re ALL CLASSLESS if you’re counting the Senior (Jr, and many times, Sophomore) class we’re all going to miss at every school, since we barely get to know them before they go pro every year.
      So much talent, but they all end up with less education than the avg. Hollywood child sitcom star.

  3. I assume that his superiors will be dealing out some punishment for his unprofessional behavior……not.

  4. Thought the speeding post was pretty funny.

  5. That’s alright Mr. Wildcat Prosecutor, we’ll see who has the last laugh on December 28th.

  6. If you violate the law once shame on ya, twice your a dumbass, this offically makes Ware a dumbass and the only reason he’s in this shape is because louisville officals tend to keep these things undercover so it’s really on the school.


  8. Did the suspended UK Football players commit their offense in Barren County? Oh, wait….they don’t have an offense in Fayette County either…..or a defense for that matter!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Its funnt no Cards fans are calling out RIcky Three Strokes for his “classless” joke about Wares leg. what was it….hes going to be doing a lot of walking….thats good for his leg.

  10. A player in the same sitch, on either team, would generate the same sentiment, at some point…especially the comment re: the ’40 points’…this is KY, where basketball reigns supreme, and that comment flies only because…well, again…’KY’–‘NCAA basketball central’. I go around saying (and thinking) we’re ‘basketball rich’ here–outside the outright worship of players here, there’s nothing wrong with having this luxurious legacy here. It’s pretty damn cool–we’re never at a loss for a good game in this state, and always have our teams showing in the Top 10, no matter what conference they’re in.

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