One College Basketball Coach Says The New Rule Changes Will Hurt Louisville

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There are some rule changes coming to College Basketball this season and one head coach in particular thinks it’s going to hurt Louisville.  During the offseason, the Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved new emphases of current rules outlawing hand-checking and arm contact both on and away from the ball.

There will be a lot more fouls called throughout games to help raise the average amount of points scored in college basketball. There were two Pac-12 teams that failed to reach twelve points by halftime last season.

Rick Pitino’s team are known for being very physical defensively, particularly on the perimeter. Colorado State head coach Larry Eustachy says that with the new emphasis on hand-checking fouls, Louisville’s entire team will foul out by halftime.

“Louisville isn’t going to have a team if we stick to this because they’re going to all foul out in the first half, and I love the way they play,” Eustachy tells ESPN. “If you’re going to call touch fouls, it’ll be over in the first 10 minutes. (Rick) Pitino will have to play. It really is crazy.”

Perhaps Eustachy has a point. Rick Pitino even mentioned at halftime of the second Red & White over the weekend that his team will have to adjust. However, Eustachy could just be bitter that Louisville’s defense ended Colorado State’s season and formed them into 19-turnovers, collecting 11-steals.

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  1. Not bitter, Eustachy and Jurich were college room mates. Honestly, that is going to be a difficult adjustment for our Cards.

  2. I sense bitterness. Lol. But we’re used to everyone hating us just because we beat them. At least they don’t hate us for being cocky jerks like UK….

  3. “There were two Pac-12 teams that failed to reach twelve points by halftime last season.” Maybe that has something to do with the many Pac12 teams being junk.

  4. UK, shot 57 free throws in 2012,I guess we can look forward to UK, shooting 100,free throws in rape arena this year.I can hear John Calipari, crying foul now on UofL.The rules doesn’t have to be change at Rupp Rape Arena when UofL visit Rupp.IJS.

  5. Sounds like Eustachy is back on the sauce……if there was a rule change that might affect your style of play, why wouldn’t you adjust? Haters gonna hate….

  6. Has the comments been closed for awhile or just me?

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