Luke Hancock Currently Being Held Out Of Practice



During his interview this morning on 790WKRD, Rick Pitino gave a brief update on the overall health of his team.

There had been some rumblings about a few players being banged up. Coach Pitino did mention a couple of minor injuries but it sounds like there is no real reason for concern.

Luke Hancock has been held out of practice recently, but apparently it’s just for precautionary reasons.

“Luke I’m just being careful with,” Pitino tells Jody Demling, the host of the Early Birds. “We go so hard in the beginning I just don’t want Luke going through that. It’s almost a veteran thing. It took us so long to get Luke at 100%; we don’t want to do anything to ruin that. We’ll bring him along slowly”

Freshman combo guard Anton Gill is currently being held out of practice and individual instructions due to a recent concussion. It sounds like he may be cleared to participate in the Red & White scrimmages.

Kevin Ware continues to make great progress and is still expected to be back by late October.

“Kevin is just one x-ray away from getting out there and practicing,” Pitino says. “We’ll start him with individual instruction and then get him back in practice.”

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