Montrezl Harrell Will Miss Three Weeks With Hyper-Extended Knee

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Louisville forward Montrezl Harrell had to leave the Adidas Nations event early on Sunday afternoon due to what was described as a “minor knee injury.” One media member in attendance at the event described it as a hamstring injury while other said it was his knee.

Over the past 24-hours I’ve been asked multiple times by multiple people if there was any type of update on the injury and how severe it was. Fortunately it appears that it was only a hyperextension to the knee and there was no ligament damage.

You hate to see a guy go down with any type of injury, but three weeks during the month of August shouldn’t be a big deal for Harrell to overcome. Rick Pitino has plenty of weapons for the 2013-14 season, but the front-court isn’t exactly deep. Harrell is expected to be a big piece to this year’s team.

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  1. He has been playing a lot basketball hasn’t really rested since last season. You wonder sometimes with these extra summer tournaments, if enough is too much . Doesn’t matter how young or old you are the body can only take so much wear and tear. Rest Harrell we gonna need you.

  2. Why do the coaches support all this extra play? Getting injured while at the school in the course of practice or at a game is bad enough. Wrecking your body for the benefit of a shoe company is quite another. Doing anything to excess increases the likelihood that the results will be less than what you anticipate.

  3. Phyllis McDonald

    This is time for you to rest, relax, this is a “setup for a comeback”.
    Hang in there, pray and trust God, he made your body and he is the master physician,
    and you are one of his masterpieces.
    He is the only one that has plan for your life, you are just under construction, you will
    come forth as pure gold if you trust God.
    One of your die hard ” cardinal fans”
    Put a fork in it, it’s already done.
    Phyllis McDonald

  4. The whole team need to sit down somewhere. They have been in a whirlwind since the ship. Time to rest and refocus for next year. I want the 3 peat. L1C4

  5. Hey team relax let’s stay healthy and go for a repeat we need all of you

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