Quentin Snider Has Decommitted From Louisville

QSniderAccording to multiple sources close to the situation, four star point guard and Louisville native Quentin Snider has decided to reopen his recruitment.

Snider informed Rick Pitino of his de-commitment shortly before 5 PM on Wednesday afternoon. He committed to Louisville in August of 2011 on the same day he received a scholarship offer.

It’s been well noted that Snider grew up as a huge fan of the University of Louisville. Snider’s close relationship with JaQuan Lyle supposedly played a huge role his commitment.

At this point, I’m not sure which school’s Snider will consider. We’ll have much more later.

UPDATE: Snider has confirmed his de-commitment via Twitter
snider tweet

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Nick Coffey
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  1. Something is not right with this.

  2. NEXT!

    Go Cards!!!

  3. He’s coming to OSU with his homie D Russ!

  4. Big mistake on his part. L1C4 U from Louisville and want to go somewhere else,makes no sense. Smdh

  5. Maybe the competition for PT has him worried??

  6. Agreed with Kevin. There must be a little more to this.

  7. I get it. At least 3yr, if not 4yr, hometown hero, starter at point guard for a storied, national power. I couldn’t think of a shittier situation to be in.

  8. I wish him all the luck in the world. Good luck in going to another school and being remembered 2yrs after you graduate. As opposed to being like guys like Wes Unseld, Darrell Griffith, DeJuan Wheat, Larry O’Bannon, Michael Bush, Jeff Brohm, Brian Brohm, and Chris Redman and be spoken of GLOWINGLY by members of the community and fans of all walks of life decades after you leave, preferably with a degree in hand. Who would want that?

  9. He wasn’t gonna play. Jaquan lyle is twice the player he is and we already have too many guards. Makes sense.

    • He was a strong talent and would have competed for a starting job. Not to mention the fact that none of the guards Pitino has recruited are guaranteed to play more than two years. There was room for him. This reeks of tampering. Sounds to me like someone has been in his, or his people’s head about Louisville. This may not be over yet.

      • I don’t think so. He commited when he was a freshman and lyle’s commitment meant we had 2 pgs coming in the same year. He is a great talent but I think he was planning on having his spot sewn up and jaquan is just as good but bigger and stronger. No one wants to sit behind one of their good friends. Not to say that’s the way it would have panned out, but who knows why he actually decommited. We will find out I guess. We just won the national championship, what could someone say to talk him out of it?

    • You got that RIGHT….But he would been a hell of a bench player

  10. 2014 is so far out that this really doesn’t mean much. let’s see what happens this coming season to start worrying.

    pitino needs to be careful though. his ‘new me’ persona may be working well in the espn ranks but he still hasn’t shown he can pull top recruits when it counts.

    • Who needs the TOP recruits when you know how to coach up your very good talent? Look at what this team just accomplished. A national championship and none of them were on amyone’s NBA watch list. Keep the egos, I want to see and root for worker bees. One queen is enough and that’s Pitino’s job.

  11. Saw him in person last year, wasn’t impressed. Definitely has talent, and would be great to have on the team, but it isn’t the end of the world if he goes elsewhere. Would be MUCH more bummed if it were Lyle, though.

  12. Assuming no one else decommits, we are loaded at the guard position, so I understand this. The kid wants to play more then 15 mins a game and pitinos style isn’t for every player. I wish him the best know matter what his decision ends up being. In the end you want a kid to come here because he really wants to be in the ville. So if he isn’t sure he wants to be here Im glad he’s figuring it out before he gets on campus. The chemistry that’s developed over the last 2 seasons is hopefully gonna continue and I don’t want anyone on the team who isn’t l1c4 100%.

  13. Maybe he just decided he wants to not be in louisville his whole life. Kids been here forever and he probably just wants to go away to college.

  14. Forget that, I’d rather have Q. that kid has a lot of heart.

  15. Q is a great talent its his dream school committed one day after he was offered never allowing hisself a chance to be recruited our first commitment of 2014 This sounds like he losing confidence in his game IMO.He should never let any player run him off thats what happening here..

  16. I always want the hometown kids to play for the VILLE . I didn’t like hearing about Russell…and now him. But we are loaded with talented guards. But. Everyone. Knows. That. He. Woulda. Been. 3rd string at best….good. riddance. GO. CARDS

  17. I can’t blame Q he did what he felt was right for him and his future. There wasn’t going to be a while lot of paying time his first year or two and with a winning mindset you have to believe you’re the best. I wish this young man all the best wherever he goes. Nothing but live for ya do your city proud Q.

  18. He is probably hoping like almost all high school players that Calapari and UK will take a look at him. Its every Ky. players dream to play for UK but they only select a few in the nation but good luck to him.

  19. Sounds to me like another school, maybe a “little brother school” doubled their be$t offer . . . LOL! If he doesn’t have the heart to compete for playing time, let him go somewhere else and use that spot for a kid with heart who wants to be a Card! If he just wants to be wined and dined by other schools before committing to U of L then enjoy your recruiting experience.

  20. This at least gives the cocahing staff time to go and recruit, for the next season. from what i have read JONES will have three seasons of eligibility, that will help. Louisville is now in a position of RECRUITING STRENGTH SO FINDING A pg WHO WANTS TO COME TO uOFL, SHOULD NOT BE THAT BIG OF A PROBLEM. As soon as word gets out, Kids will wantt o listen.

  21. Quentin Snider, good luck with your future where ever it is. You seem to be a very good young man with loving parents. I sorry you are not coming to the Ville but maybe it was not to be. Yes. you would have a lot of people to beat out to start but wait till you go to the NBA. Some people embrace the situation, other pass on it. We can only think of what could have been.

  22. This really isnt a loss look at the guards we have

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