Louisville Assistant Kevin Keatts Feared On The Recruiting Trail

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Jeff Goodman, a college basketball Insider for ESPN recently surveyed more than 200 college coaches and got their thoughts on who the most feared assistant coaches are on the recruiting trail. In an Insider article on Wednesday afternoon, Goodman ranked the top 21 most feared assistant coaches based on the feedback he got from the college coaches. Louisville assistant Kevin Keatts came in at No 3.

3. Kevin Keatts, Louisville
It hasn’t taken the former Hargrave Military Academy prep school coach long to make his mark at the college ranks. He had a fairly brief stint as an assistant at Marshall, but he’s already pulled Montrezl Harrell, Luke Hancock, (transfer from George Mason) Chris Jones, Terry Rozier and Anton Gill in his first three seasons under Rick Pitino. He also helped the Cards land a pledge from highly ranked guard JaQuan Lyle. Without Keatts getting Hancock and Harrell, Louisville doesn’t cut down the nets last season.

It’s no secret that Kevin Keatts has had a major role in Louisville’s success over the past two seasons. In each year that Keatts has been with the program, Louisville has one Final Four appearance and one National Championship.

Unfortunately for Rick Pitino, I’m not sure how much longer Keatts will be around. As long as Louisville continues to have success, I suspect Keatts will have head coaching opportunities in the near future.

Although Keatts is recognized as Pitino’s top assistant, he’s not the only one whose played a big role in the programs recent success. Wyking Jones has done a great job as well and played a huge part in landing the commitment from Seattle native Shaqquan Aaron. Kareem Richardson did well enough to earn a head coaching job after just one season. Pitino’s newest assistant, Mike Balado, also has a great reputation on the recruiting trail.

ESPN Top 21 Assistant Coaches (Inside Article)

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  1. I would love it if Keatts would stick around until coach Pitino retires and take over the dynasty. I guarantee he would be great…

    • IDK how much longer Coach Pitino will be here, but I’ve got a sneaky feeling our next coach is already chosen, just not public knowledge. And it’s Billy Donovan. I have nothing to back that up, Pitino and Donovan have such a great relationship, I wouldn’t be surprised if when Pitino retires, Donovan takes the chance to coach at a University where fans actually love basketball, as opposed to Fla where they couldn’t give 2 shits about basketball.

      • Dude my best friend been saying the same thing

      • Billy the Kid’s ascension to the Rick’sters throne is a semi-foregone conclusion. Could be why he didn’t take the UK job.
        Or if Rick keeps his shingle out for 4-5 more years and Richard brings the Golden Gophers out of their burrows, he’d be a good option, as well.

        • come on you know better than that you think he turned down Kentucky, so he could in return go to Louisville. In any world or country city or state does that make sense. Maybe other than right there in Louisville. and I talk to you before, and you’re no dummy so where was the lol.

      • think you Miss that by a mile Florida fans are very passionate. Never heard of the rowdy reptiles / every year I go to that game and they get loud. of course I guess it seems louder when you’re a Kentucky fan trying to hear your own teams coach. wouldn’t hold my breath on Donovan leaving Florida, done had the best offer ever. He turned down Kentucky, would be easy to turn down Louisville after that. This year is starting out kind of weird, when’s the last time Kentucky was I had in recruiting in football. And in the same year behind in basketball. on the bright side watched a couple recruits louisville has coming in next year, and the shooting guard pretty impressive. Don’t think they thought that was there best guard, pretty sure they thought they lost him. But I would put this kid pretty high. and even they’re small forward can’t remember his name. But he was pretty impressive also.

  2. Just perusing this list..I think the list is pretty fair do far, although one glaring oversight–i think calipari deserves to be on this list..Frankly that’s all he is, an assistant

  3. Well he needs to put fear back in Snider and get this kid back on board!

  4. everybody now richard pitino is the next coach of louisville the only reason he left was to get some seasoning as head coach

    • Corey you hit that one on the head, can’t believe someone didn’t figure that out before you. I thought it was pretty darn obvious who would take over when he’s done.

  5. just going over some things I read here trying not to laugh. Louisville and dynasty was used in the same sentence that is an lol. And I have heard that turning down Kentucky so someone could coach at Louisville instead pretty sure that’s an lol. this stuff could only make sense if you are a Louisville fan. But there are only 4 maybe 5 dynasties in basketball. starting at the top with UK then UCLA followed by North Carolina then Duke. But if you had 5 it would be between Connecticut or Georgetown. Then there comes the next tear Kansas / Florida / Michigan State / Louisville / Ohio State/ Indiana / Michigan / Syracuse / All of which are pretty good teams. But none of which are a dynasty , all are in no particular order. But most definitely should be recognized, for a honorable mention.

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