Wisely Kevin Ware Hasn’t And Won’t Watch The Replay Of His Injury

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For whatever reason, Louisville guard Kevin Ware wasn’t made available for comment during the team’s visit to the White House earlier this week. However, that doesn’t mean his name wasn’t mentioned numerous times.

“And then, of course, there’s Kevin Ware,” Obama said as he mentioned the key pieces for Louisville’s national championship team.”I told him to say hi to his mom, because moms don’t like seeing their kids get hurt. And obviously all of us remember the terrible injury that Kevin suffered. But what we also remember is the love that all of his teammates showed for him, the way that he was on crutches a day later. A week after that, he was up there cutting the nets in Atlanta. Today, he’s standing here with his teammates, working out, hoping to be ready for fall practice.”

Kevin Ware’s teammates were asked about his remarkable progress over the past few months. Just four months after suffering a compound fracture to his leg, Ware is already on the court and is expected to be running with the team in October.

To this day, Ware still hasn’t watched his injury, which is probably a good idea if you ask Chane Behanan. “He hasn’t watched the tape, and I don’t want him to,” Behanan tells Andy Katz of ESPN.”He doesn’t want to. If he saw it, he’d be nervous even playing. Without him seeing it, I think he’ll be fine.”

“It’s unbelievable, he’s such a tough kid and he doesn’t care as much about himself as he does everybody else,” says Tom Jurich.”He works tirelessly. His goal is to play this year and whether or not he does, he’s done all things he needs to do. If anybody is going to make it happen, he can.”

Ware will be an integral piece to next year’s team if they hope to make it back to the Final Four. Despite being fresh off a national championship, Pitino’s team isn’t satisfied just yet. Their goal is to be back at the White House in 2014.

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      It’s news if you’re a Louisville Cardinal fan. If you’re a troll maybe not so much.

  • DieHardCard1

    Consider it news if you read the entire article lmao..

  • David Hardy

    Good article Nick. I’m a little confused about Kevin’s progress. I understand he’s working out now and “may be running with the team in October,” but how does that translate to playing time? I’m sure it will be just a few minutes a game but does anyone know a time table? I believe Ware to be an important piece of this team, so I’m pretty curious.

  • Jordan

    Diehard dude i read the article dumb ass

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