What We Know About The Michael Dyer Situation

dyer blueIt’s been around 48-hours since the “Michael Dyer to Louisville” speculation started heating up. Unfortunately, 48-hours later we don’t have much of an update.

At this point, what we do know is that Michael Dyer is looking for a school to play for. However, both sides are not openly talking about the situation.

I can’t officially confirm this because the university isn’t commenting, but there have been reports that Charlie Strong has spoke with Dyer. However, it’s unclear what their conversation was about.

Coach Strong could have offered Dyer a roster spot and is still finalizing some things. He also could have turned down Dyer and of course there is always a chance that Coach Strong is still giving it some thought.

There is no doubt that Dyer has a troubled past and if Charlie Strong decides against bringing him into the program, I can totally understand his reasoning. With that said, Dyer’s trouble with the law may be a little over exaggerated. Despite the failed drug tests and being pulled over with a gun in his car that was used in a robbery (not by him), Dyer has never actually been charged with a crime. There are still red flags, but Dyer has never actually been incarcerated.

During his time away from football last year at Arkansas Baptist College, Dyer received his associate’s degree and kept an accumulative 3.8 grade point average.  He was reportedly mentored by the college president, Fitz Hill, who met with Dyer on a weekly basis to monitor his progress.

The longer we go without hearing any update on Dyer is a good sign for Louisville, in my opinion. If there was no shot of him joining the Louisville program, I imagine he would have already decided between WKU and South Florida.

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  1. I know someone in the athletic dept. And they said he had his physical done on friday

  2. tastes.like.snozzberries

    We already have a dominant offense, but with the addition of Dyer there would be NO STOPPING the run, opening up our potent receiving corps. Also he would save the legs of our recently injured RB’s who would benefit from his presence. As long as he knows there will be ZERO TOLERANCE(!) then lets give him a shot

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