Kevin Ware Continues To Serve As An Inspirational Figure

ware crutches

Following his gruesome injury in the Elite 8 against Duke, Louisville junior-to-be Kevin Ware became an international celebrity for his inspirational reaction following his injury. Ware has made some remarkable progress since suffering the injury and has always remained upbeat and optimistic about the unfortunate situation.

Ware’s courage following the injury has served as motivation for others. Earlier this summer, Ware volunteered with the local group PURP, which stands for People Uplifting Real People.

Never change, Kevin.

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Nick Coffey
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  1. So awesome to see someone who is blessed with great opportunities, doing positive things for himself and others, instead of blowing opportunities. Best wishes Kevin

    • Agreed! Kevin has taken lemons and made lemonade. And that’s some ‘House Party” lemonade he’s making! God Bless Kevin Ware!

  2. Will Kevin Ware ever be able to play again?

  3. When I grow up I want to be like Kevin Ware! What an amazing person he is, Im so proud he’s a Cardinal!

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