Five Star Forward Trey Lyles Plans To Make A Decision In The Fall

lyles 10It goes without saying that at this point, Trey Lyles, a 6-foot-9 five-star power forward from Indianapolis, by way of Canada, is Rick Pitino’s top target in the 2014 class. There has been talk that Pitino has decided to personally handle Lyles’ recruitment by himself and not rely on assistant coaches.

The trio of JaQuan Lyle, Quentin Snider and Shaqquan Aaron give Louisville the second best recruiting class in the country, according to the rankings. The addition of a player like Lyles would likely bump the Cards to number one.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that we’ll have to wait too long to figure out what the future holds for Lyles. Most top ten recruits usually wait it out until the spring before making a decision, but Lyles plans to take a different route. The Canadian sensation says he’ll make a decision in the fall and sign his letter of intent during the early signing period in November.

Lyles recently trimmed his list to four, Louisville, Kentucky, Florida and Butler. He’ll take official visits to all four schools before making a decision.

Louisville appears to be in great shape at this point. Lyles has been AAU teammates with current Louisville commit, JaQuan Lyle, for the past two summers. He’s spoke openly about the benefits of committing to a school and playing with guys that he is familiar with.

No dates have been set for Lyles’ official visits, but I expect they’ll take place in early September. Don’t be surprised if he’s on campus for one of Louisville’s Saturday football games.

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  1. He will make the right decision

  2. hey matt y the hell uon here!!

  3. I’m seriously not apart of ANY UK fan site? Why the f**k would you be a part of this site for THE UofL? Oh, well GO CARDS b*tch

  4. I’m a UK fan that hopes we land him as well & I could care less about UofLol or their page. However, I do keep up w/the college bball page on BR & this article popped up. I read it because it pertains to a recruit that we hope to land. UK fans, as a whole, could def care less about the silly city school that is blessed to share a portion (even if it is the trashiest portion) of our state.

  5. I can’t help but wonder why Kentucky fans would log on to a U of L site. Except to start something with Louisville fans. Then I see they don’t wish to put their real names down instead of just letter. Why are you ashamed of your name or can’t spell it. And if your take a good look at the state if it were not for Jefferson County and the taxes that come out here the state a Kentucky would not have a pot to piss in. As far as UK and Calipari’s 6th straight #1 class. How many titles does he have? One. So, I could possible assume the he does less with more talent than some other schools do. So to the real question that was asked above, is where is Five Star Forward Trey Lyles Plans To Go To School. It just depends on what he wants out of his college experience? I feel he will pick between UK and U of L. Either school would be a go pick for him. So it is a flip of a coin but I feel when he compares the two he will pick the Ville.

  6. Bill DeLeuil …….Your statement sounds just like something that a DumbA$$ from Jefferson Co/Louisville would make. Just remember most people outside of your area don’t consider your area part of KY anyway. You are just a bunch of idiots who think you are something but don’t know what. As a KY fan I’m so glad that you have your whore loving coach who is a disgrace to UL, Looserville, Jefferson Co. for his actions, but it just goes to show what type of university that UL is for praising him for his conduct. I’m ashamed to admit that your area is a part of KY. Disgraceful.

    • Like I said no guts to put ones name on their statement. The comment about Rick is rich he behaved the same way at UK but it was okay then. Yes he made a mistake and he has paid greatly for that mistake with his family, his name, etc. Do you walk on water? No you just seem to be a UK fan that is full of one self. Kyalltheway go read your cats paw mag. You are a waste of my time.

      • Bill, Bill…Don’t take it so hard because you have a coach that is a 3-second Boy and has said many times that the biggest mistake he ever made was leaving KY. No I don’t walk on water and I have been a KY fan since Rupp was the coach. I used to work in E-town and know how many people in Jefferson Co. & Louisville feel about the rest of the state and that is they are just a little bit better than the rest of the us. I haven’t lived in KY for 40 yrs but I bleed KY Blue and all ways will.

        • Are you so pissed UK had the shittiest year ever that you think ETown is Louisville? You worked there…. big whoop loser, we just had the most incredible year and babbling by animal level intelligence from you makes no difference. How many more stupids thongs are you going to say when WKU kicks your SEC ass two years in a row? SHUT IT!

  7. If it wasn’t for the city of Louisville, the state of Kentucky would be a series of small hick towns and farm land. Yes it is true many of the citizens in Louisville think they are better than any other part of the state. It’s because it’s a fact. It’s the most cultivated, economically stable part of KY. Now I’m sure there is a trailor park party somewhere close to you where u can talk Polecat Basketball, be as hypocritical as you want, eat the squirrels you kill and not be judged. Move along, slug…

  8. Its so funny seeing uk fans keeping up with louisville…dont be mad were taking over every sport!!

  9. While the UK fans are on this site, they should check out the article about UofL having the best year ever in college athletics.

  10. Keep your bitterness in lexington. We can’t see you guys from all of the way up here at the top. Worry about getting TO the tournament this year first. Clowns.

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