Wayne Blackshear Making Major Progress This Summer

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Wayne Blackshear is one of the more highly regarded players to sign with the University of Louisville in the last decade. Blackshear was a five star prospect coming out of high school and is one of just six McDonalds All Americans to commit to Rick Pitino at Louisville.

As a true freshman in 2011-12 Blackshear was injured for most of the season after having two shoulder surgeries. He played briefly towards the end of the season and showed flashes of just how good he can be. As a sophomore, Blackshear had a solid season and started for the majority of the year.

When you look at the small forward position last year for Louisville most people think of Luke Hancock’s impressive play down the stretch and in the Final Four. Hancock will be a huge part of Louisville’s team in 2013-14, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about Wayne Blackshear.

During a recent radio interview, Rick Pitino said Blackshear is one of the few players who has really stood out and shown improvement this summer.

“Wayne has really worked hard on getting back to the player he was in high school,” says Pitino. “He had the two surgery shoulders that set him back both mentally and physically. I’m really really impressed with the progress that he has made.”

At this point it’s too early to predict which starting lineup Rick Pitino will go with next year, but don’t be surprised if Wayne Blackshear is in it.

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  1. Don’t forget, this guy was HUGE(not fat Wayne) at the beginning of the Michigan game. Without his start to the game, Luke would have needed 9 threes to bring them back.

  2. I hope we see the player we all thought he’d be. He played ‘okay’ last year. He really didn’t hurt us and didn’t really stand out. Let’s hope Fat Wayne continues to develop.

  3. I thought he really came on during the tournament, played with more confidence heading into this year!

  4. You will see the REal Wayne this Year….And you WILL be impressed….He is one Bad ass

  5. Wayne will still certainly start, but unless he has a hot hand, Luke will finish games. Look for improvement from Wayne this year with a complete breakout season next year when Luke is gone and he’s playing 30 minutes a game.

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