Will Muschamp Is Still Whining About Losing To Louisville


We’ve heard it already. The excuses that the Florida Gators have been making since their embarrassing loss to Teddy and the boys in the Sugar Bowl are becoming more embarrassing than the loss itself. Embarrassing for one man in particular, Will Muschamp.

The fans, the media, and the players have all made the same disinterested excuse for the loss. The most recent was Josh Evans claiming, “People [Gators] were feeling sorry for themselves…” I’m glad that the Gators felt sorry for themselves, because nobody else did. They didn’t get a National Championship bid because they fumbled and bumbled their way to an 11 win season. Alabama and Notre Dame looked dominant, Florida looked lucky.

It was just two months ago when Muschamp was recapping the 2012 season to the media and said the Louisville games was one that the Gators “let slip away.” Coach Muschamp and everyone else apparently didn’t’ watch the same game, because that one slipped away before within the first few possessions.

Forgetting the fact that they never played a pretty game all year and assuming that they were the better team than Louisville, as they apparently still do, why on Earth would they have lost? There is another term for this disinterested excuse that the Gators keep making, it’s called “Bad Coaching.”

I will give Muschamp credit for the fact that his team did make it to 11 wins and a Sugar Bowl in a tough conference. There is no arguing against that. He did it. It reminds me of Brady Anderson. In 1995 he hit 16 home runs, then in 1996 he hit 50 as a lead off hitter. Anderson never came close to that mark again. It’s believed that Anderson was on steroids that year, but thats for another discussion. The point of that story is that sometimes athletes, in this case coaches, have good years.

If your team comes into a bowl game unmotivated, that is the coaches fault. No team coached by Charlie Strong would show up to a bowl uninterested. If they for some reason did, they absolutely would never admit it as an excuse for losing. Charlie Strong has character, and it shines through in his student athletes. That’s why Louisville won, because they came to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Florida lost because of a lack of leadership. Gator’s are supposed to chomp, not whine.

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  1. The gaturds sounds like the SukS puddingtat(Uk)s
    Going to to nit n losing in the first round to R. Morris
    We shouldn’tve been there,we where better than that
    N we over looked our opponent becos becos,our coach
    Will explain (make excuses) so people think better ofour team
    n media gives us much needed ATTENTION we didn’t
    get cos of the loss, we whine like UK to getATTENTION
    so we’ll be still in negative spotlight like when our drunk or druggy
    Players violate NCAA rules

  2. It’s like Herm Edwards said, ” you play to win the game!” So is Florida saying it was not, because they looked interested. Fact is they never played against a Qb like teddy in the SEC, and they even mentioned it before the game. Just take the loss like a MusCHAMP.

  3. Sounds like someone needs to be fired from the HC position….

  4. Coach Mushcamp is the reason that Florida lost the game. He developed a game plan designed to throw the ball instead of relying on the running game that got them to the Sugar Bowl. Then he panicked and tried trick plays which backfired. He lost control of his players as they were taking cheap shots and throwing punches instead of taking care of business on the field. Floriday wasn’t disiterested. They were out coached and out executed by a solid Louisville team. We can play the “what if” game until we are blue in te face, but I contend that as long as Muscamp comes into the game with that same game plan they lose every time. If they come in with a game plan to run the ball and wear out the UofL defense, they probably win 9 times out of 10.

  5. Cardinal Coal Miner

    All I can say is, I hope they have a great year and he stays in Gainsville for a LONG time!

  6. Anyone who watched the game knows that if the Gators were ‘disinterested’ at the start, they got a rude awakening on the first play. They out scored us 20-10 after halftime! They had a great year to do so well in the best conference in the country, and had a great HC. Simply put, the best pass defense in the nation met Teddy mf’n Heisman and LOST…

  7. This needed a good proofreading before being posted…

  8. I really enjoyed that game, even bought the dvd and have watched it a couple times. UL had a great game. Things people forget is UL was just about to full strength. Had mid-late season injuries showing with losses to syra & UConn. Florida I’m not sure about injury wise, however, they may or may not taken UL lightly, but its sad to say it if they did. The things is, just give the props and move on, why, in July are we still hearing this crap. New seasons coming soon enough, start working to take care of business. Go Cards!!!

  9. Will MuschUmp!!

  10. Cry me a river. You got SPANKED by a better team with a better coach.
    your loss

  11. to all you retarded louisville homers, stfu and stop whining he was NOT whining so stfu and stop crying little twats

    • “…let slip away…” = WHINING

      Anything other than, “…we played a good team with a great quarterback and an excellent game plan from a topnotch coaching staff. We got beat by a better team that day. Hats off to them…” is WHINING.

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