Trey Lyles Says Louisville May Develop Players Better Than Kentucky


It goes without saying that, Trey Lyles, a 6-foot-8 five star forward from Indianapolis is likely Rick Pitino’s top target in the 2014 class.

The commitment of JaQuan Lyle is believed to have helped Louisville’s chances with Lyles. Kentucky was for a long time considered the favorite, but some speculate that Louisville may have edged ahead. A comment from Lyles tonight at the Peach Jam AAU event certainly makes it look like Louisville is in good shape.

“Kentucky gets players to the league faster, but Louisville might develop them just a little bit better,” Lyles tells Jeff Borzello of CBS Sports.

Lyles doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to make a decision, but Louisville is certainly in good shape.

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Nick Coffey
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  1. He is a smart individual and he will make the right decision in becoming a Cardinal.

  2. He will probably end up at Louisville. Uk’s front court is already set for 14-15 year. Marcus Lee , Darki Johnson, And also Karl Towns. Marcus and Dakari will come back for their sophmore years.

  3. Kentucky recruits players with a high already made nba skill set. So if the player is given exposure and put around other type players, they get the results we see at Uk. Calipari, has learned to run a certain system to make it work for him. We all know he hsn’t developed any player.

    And Rick is not getting the credit he deserves a lot of his players are whatyou call very good college guys with certain deficiencies ie height that doesn’t make them prototypical nba players. But Siva, and Dieng have developed greatly as has countless others.

    • I agree. Basically he is saying that UK recruits better and UofL coaches better.

    • Not developed any players? Tell that to Josh Harrellson, Deandre Liggins, Darius Miller, Patrick Patterson, Jarod Polson, and a whole lot more players. You should stop getting your views from Cardinal fans.

      • Harrelson is the only 1 listed that ‘developed’. Patterson really underacheived for a good portion of his time there. The others were, or still are, role players.

    • So, what you are saying is Peyton Siva got better in his 4 years at The Ville? I would disagree. SR Siva< SOPH Siva. Edgar Sosa actually regressed in his 4 years.

  4. I don’t know Nick. Could simply mean, “Louisville develops players a little bit better….of course, being one of the best in the country, I don’t need development.”
    I hope not. We could really use him. I’m getting worried about our frontcourt. Would really rather not come off an NCAA Championship to get 6’8, 3 star projects.

  5. Hahaha… Better at developing talent?! How many UL players are in the nba? How many of them start?… Exactly.

  6. Kevin… Please enlighten me to who exactly pitino has developed during his time at UL… I’m waiting.

    • Dieng,Siva,Garcia,Clark, T-Will ,Kuric(on the OKla summer league team), Russ developing doesn’t mean NBA , Rick recruits a lot college level players not nba types like Cal

      • Hahaha…. Garcia, Clark, and Williams werent nba types? Give me a break. Btw… That’s cute that you could list all the UL players in the nba on less than one line.

        • Clark was the only high school high rated player. Garcia and t-will where not high rated at all. Chris Smith and T-jenninga are playing on the Knicks summer league team also.

  7. I am hearing, “If you are a blue chipper and want to get to the league fast, go to UK. If you need to be developed, go to U of L. Doesn’t sound like he is giving a U of L lean at all to me.

  8. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Sean! Russ Smith? Started out as a 2 star recruit being heralded by no one, and now he’s led his team to the National Championship as a dynamic starting guard, he will overtake the Louisville all-time steal record next season, he was named 3rd team All American this past season, and with an improved year will go in the 1st Round of next year’s draft. Oh, and his staying at Louisville bumped our pre-season rankings for next season from around 15 to top 5 in many polls.

    Now, that’s just the most dynamic example. I could go on with others like Gorgui, Kuric, etc., but you said name “one.”

    Reverse it – name one player that Calamari has developed (now that I think about it, that’s an insult to squid everywhere). One-and-done’s don’t count – their time at UK was simply a formality to the NBA. That’s not developing, that’s babysitting. Clearly you don’t understand the definition to “Develop.”

    • Agreed, David! Calipari recruits exceptionally well, no doubt about it, but I think Ryan Harrow is a great example of a highly rated star not being developed at UofK. In fact, I would say that Cal essentially threw him under the bus. Wiltjer might be another example of a “non-developing” player under Cal. It is laughable that Cal tells recruits, especially the 5-star “can’t miss” ones how he develops them!

    • Awee that’s precious… You all got 5 players I the nba now? Good for you!

    • Wait? He developed these players? How many of them start or even contribute significantly? Btw… Siva and clark were McDonald’s aa’s

    • I could go all day

    • Delusional UL fans… What’s new?

      • Sean, I don’t think any UL fans will disagree that UofK puts more players into the NBA. That is their focus – drafting players who, if were not for the college rules, would go straight to the NBA. The point is Cal is not that great at developing players. Just look at your last team. High School All Americans all around and no NCAA tournament and a loss in the first round of the NIT. No development there. This year will be different with the class coming in. Mostly one and dones again. BTW, what is your take, as a true blue fan, of Cal’s statement the year that UofK sent five in the first round of the NBA draft as the “greatest day in UofK history?” Really???

        • Sean answer the mans facts.

        • first off that statement was a recruiting ploy…..second off Josh Harrellson was a pretty good example of a player not worth a dang and he dominated against Jared Sullinger in the Elite eight game I think it was….Calipari took his ability and ran with it…..and finally UK was on their way to the tournament until the best defensive player in America (shot blocker) tore his ACL. When that type of player is gone from your lineup, no matter what team, you are going to struggle. Ryan Harrow couldn’t handle the big stage. He isn’t a starter at Uk or UL. He is better on a team like an Ole Miss (by the way I hear there is an opening there u idiot Marshal Henderson) and also it took about 2/3 of a season for Alex Poythress to finally realize he has to work to get to the NBA. So many UL fans are quick to point out that UK missed the tournament. Yeah we did but if we win a championship every couple of years who cares???? I will take it and you all will too…If UL misses the tourney this year and win it the following year would you care? No. Plain and simple.

          • You assume that UK will win the tournament every couple of years. We’ll see how Cal does without another NBA lockout (See Terrence Jones) along with with a 4-year senior gift from Gillespie (See Darius Miller).

    • Um…Patrick Patterson was used ONLY as a post/pick and roll player UNTIL Calipari helped him DEVELOP into an outside threat. Josh Harrelson, DESTROYED Louisville after being DEVELOPED in Coach Cal’s system. Just because you spend 4 years getting your ass handed to you in the Big East and learning from it, doesn’t mean Pitino developed you. But while Pitino’s players are being “developed” Calipari’s players are in NBA workouts. Enjoy.

    • Baby sitting tell that to the players, they might give you an attitude adjustment. Especially Cousins!

  9. As a Cardinal fan, I couldn’t begin to tell you what is said daily on Uk’s sports page cause that is of no interest to me. So my question is: Why in the hell are they (kensucky) fans over here meddling on ours? We’re good over here suckers. Just make sure your team & so called coach dont let y’all down again with another NIT exit! Laughing stock of the world LmaOff…….

    • A little jealous maybe, just saying.

    • Was linked on a national website. That’s how we got here. And it wasn’t on that NATIONAL site because of Louisville. it was on there because he slighted Kentucky. If he had just said “U of L develops players” it wouldn’t even have made the news.

  10. Who from Louisville is a star in the league? Wall, Cousins, and Davis will be superstars this kids trippin! He shoulda just said bill self develops talent better

    • Nick, he doesn’t want to go to Kansas. That’s why he didn’t mention them. By the way, all the players you mentioned were TOP FIVE PLAYERS in their classes! They would have gone straight to the NBA from high school if the opportunity was available. So, no, Cal doesn’t get credit for developing them.

    • Wall, Cousins, and Davis didn’t get any better at UK, they were NBA ready in high school; Gorgui Dieng was the #15 ranked center coming out of high school and the #21 draft pick thats development.

      • Ha… That’s an extremely dumb statement

        • You misunderstood what he said. He wasn’t saying that Dieng was the 15th ranked player overall. He was, according to whatever recruiting site he’s referencing, the 15th ranked center meaning that there were 14 other centers more highly ranked than him.

  11. Name me a ul player that starts or is even relevant in the league? You can’t. The best nba player they have is Francisco Garcia and he’s a nobody who was highly touted coming out of high school. If u stay in college four years like Russ smith of course your gonna have a better college career but he won’t be a first rounder. Ul doesnt have enough players in the league to put a starting five together that could compete with the team this year. The uk-ul nba comparison is not close at all

    • True be told, your comments and Trey’s comments are irrelevant. Part of the reason why UL players are better developed is because they had no choice but to stay longer. The only UK/Cal players who are relevant in the league are the ones who were ready to go to the NBA before they went to college. Calm down.

    • For the record, Earl Clark just signed a 2-year, $9 million contract with the Cavaliers, so he’s more valuable than Garcia is right now.

    • Earl Clark… I believe he was “relevant” for the Lakers this season’

    • Earl Clark was starting for the Lakers, and just turned them down to sign a multi year deal with another team!

    • Well cow and the cats better watch that film where cousins elbows swops head into the rip areana floor and shoots free throws for it and pay the refs cause that is the only way they can beat us this year they better shoot forty or fifty free throws its the ONLY way the can beat us

  12. Again why do you care uk fans like it was put we don’t babysit anybody cousins would not have lasted a second at ul just ask mr caracter he was talented don’t gets me wrong but now look at him and plus our banners don’t go up with Velcro lmao no number 1 class who won a ncaa championship or finished 2nd got to keep theirs lol I’m jus sayin were has calapari been at and didn’t do anything against the rules

  13. Why would any of these guys commit to the most racist fan base in America? I’m waiting for spike lee to do a documentary on their spotless program.

  14. Bottom line Rick is a much better coach than Cal and if it wasn’t for the current rule UK wouldn’t get to brag about any of the players that use their school as a pitstop. The kid prefers UL to UK get over it. Furthermore players are being drafted out of UK based on potential not the great job Cal has done as a coach, those kids are coming to UK with that potential. The problem is the average UK fan is a homer and not a true sports fan so they are never objective. On another note we all know UK is a one trick pony. How about you tell me one player other than R Cobb you guys have put in the NFL that has been relevant in the last decade. We’re arguing about basketball, while our team is gearing up to make another BCS run. Good luck making it to the Music City bowl, UK is a such a joke. Like Will C said as a Cardinal fan we don’t know or care about what is being posted on UK boards so why are you concerned with what’s on ours.

  15. Develops players better not since he has been at Louisville where are they all at siva will never be a good nba player the rest are probly flipping burgers by now cal coached a team full of freshman to a national title yea Louisville finally one in a year that talent was down dont believe me why was ppg lowest it’s been since the 60’s cal is a great coach he has won every where he has been look a cousins he was a thug and a head case cal never had a problem out of him so raise ur loser fingers now cause your time best example of cal as a coach josh harrelson Darius miller neither where going nowhere till cal

    • Never had any trouble with Cousins??? Nuf said on that statement. Cal did a great job of coaching against Kansas in 2008, when Memphis should have that game. How great was his coaching job last year, still loaded with a sack of High School All Americans? Uh, nuf said on that one too as the embarrassing loss in the NIT says it all. Coaching? No. Recruiting? Yes. He fits the times is all. All hype and what can you do for me lately kind of guy. Just ask Ryan Harrow. I think he has a tattoo now of the bus tracks on his back after Cal tossed him under the bus! Oh yeah, and the title in 2012 came with help with some key upper classmen, NOT all freshman. That would be more like last year’s championship team…oh, wait a minute, they did not get into the NCAA and failed in game one of the NIT, as the number one seed I believe….

    • Defense thats why we won the title and u went to nit.. I just wonder if thats why they changed the rules this year?? So kensucky would have a chance bring it on we beat the refs and witchata st and refs and mich

  16. So basically, if you aren’t good enough to go to Kentucky, you should go to Louisville. Ouch, us Wildcat fans are hurt! Holla at me when you get 8 titles and a winning record against us, Cards fans. Til then, have fun bragging about how your coach is a better “talent developer”! Lmao… Whoopee doo!

    • Poythress, WCS and Goodwin were “good enough” to go to Kentucky and led them to a 1st round loss in the NIT. MIss me with that.

  17. Yeah, Rick is a way better coach. As can be evidenced by his long run with the NBA. Oh… Wait… He left UK, failed at that, and now loses to his old team 3 out of every 4 meetings. Very impressive coaching, UL fans! Bravo!

    • Since Louisville has been in a power conference (equal playing field), it has more Elite 8s, Sweet 16s, tournament appearances and an equal number of championships and Final Fours as UK. Translation: UL has been better than UK as of late. Go away.

      • EXACTLY! Top Earning Athletic Program In The Nation! It’s Funny To Me Now How All Of A Sudden The pussycats Are Wanting To Build Themselves A New Arena. Get Your Athletics Program Together All-Around & Quit Talking About Yesteryear Cause I’m Sure Most Of You Aren’t Old Enough To Remember ANYTHING Or ANYONE Associated With Those Past Teams Off The Top Of Your Heads. Kensucky Fans Faces When Andrew Wiggins Chose Kansas #PRICELESS#

    • Pitino did great with the Knicks his first time in the NBA, just couldn’t do much with the celts. Big difference between college and professional sports. Go to your shitty web page, and stay off ours

  18. Plain and simple who cares it is the opinion of Kid.
    The fact is both Coach P and Coach C develop players. Anyone who watched the change in players like DeAndre Liggens or Josh Haralson knows that Cal can develop players. And Like wise anyone who watched UK’s unforgettables knows that Pitino can develop players.

    The men are different and their approach is different:
    Cal tries to get the best players each year and then he builds a system around them.
    Pitino gets the best players to play in his system.

    Both are Great Coaches and UK and UofL are both Lucky to have them. The State of Kentucky is Lucky to have both. It’s just too bad they both aren’t in the same conference Like Puke and UNC

  19. Let’s start this off by me saying I am a Kentucky fan and always will be. Having said that I think this back and forth is stupid. I actually root for L’ville every time they play minus Kentucky. It’s better for the state that way. As far as coaches go we both have hall of famers sporting awesome teams this year. Yes they have different styles as far as recruiting goes but who cares their both awesome coaches. So as far as everything goes L’ville go dominate and I mean dominate I for one would love nothing more than for this whole thing to come down to Kentucky and Louisville fighting for the states third straight national championship. That is just good business for the state. Hell forget about the land of tobacco and let’s get the focus on the land of bourbon. In fact I hope Louisville beats the literal tar out of those two Carolina schools that I refuse to even type the name of. Mainly the one run by the rat faced diva himself… Let’s save this fight for the national championship game and just beat everyone else in college basketball in the meantime.

  20. I think Pitino holds his players back and Calipari doesn’t. If that is the definition of developing players then okay.
    If the NBA didn’t have the rule of 1 year and the age of 19 to play in the NBA most of these players wouldn’t be playing college ball to begin with so development isn’t what they are looking for. They want to play an uptempo game, improve their defensive skills, bang around with the same caliber players and go make their millions.
    Calipari gets that and he does it with the kids best interest first. He isn’t going to recruit a player and hold him back so he has something left for next year. He starts over because those kids are ready to go.
    As for development, Liggins and Harrelson are perfect examples of development. Even Eric Bledsoe for that matter. None of them would have been drafted if it weren’t for Cal’s “development.”
    It’s a kids argument, both coaches just won National titles so they are both capable of developing players, Cal just gets them ready faster.

    • Cal only had Cambi, to hang his hat on for years. Then his little string of luck happened with Rose,Tyreke giving him this point guard reputation. Those two Memphis, enabled him to bring along Wall with Cousins and Bledsoe. And if not for the nba rules Uk would not have known anything of them.

      • John Wall did not commit until after Calipari was already with UK so he did not come along with Calipari to UK now Bledsoe and Cousin that is another story they had committed to Memphis where Calipari was coach until he moved to UK.
        Know what you are talking about kevin.

        • it’s obvious you know nothing Wall, wanted to go to NC but Williams stopped recruiting him. Because of some shady things. He was always being recruited by Cal. Why didn’t you comment about the first true parts of my statement?

  21. Adonis – Uhm pull up the stats for just the last 30 years and read them and your argument is dumb.

    • You’ve just shown your age. 13, right? Nah. . . probably younger. Since the NCAA tournament expanded to 40+ teams, UL is neck-and-neck in nearly every post-season measure of program performance. UK fans like you rest their laurels on a time in UK history that has yet to be repeated, and since that time, the rest of college basketball has been closing in on UK meaning that they’ve had better recent track records than UK. UL will continue to outperform UK as it has done since its BCS conference berth. Just accept it.

  22. Obvious. Pitino is thought to coach better but it takes his players several yrs to develop
    into “players”.If Kentucky’s players stayed more than a year, they would beat the crap out of Pitino’s team:year in,year out. 12/2012:UK lost by one basket to the eventual national champion
    Not a even a good TEAM

  23. NYC Wildcat Alum

    Another great example of the poor math and thinking skills of U of L recruits, players,etc.(i.e.referencing U of L’s poor academic progress rating).

    I would like the Louisville fans to count for us the number of U of L players who have been drafted in the top 15 draft picks since Pitino took over. Fortunately, it’s a small enough number that you can count.

    Trey, you should focus on basketball and leave these things up to the grown ups.


    • Can you spell NIT+ Robert Morris = Calipari, albeit it probably won’t happen again . But it did happen and it’s in the history books. And mark it down Uk will not win it this year either!

  25. Ill give u earl Clark since he had a month and half stretch of playing good ball but he was a top 25 recruit in his class so you can’t classify that as being developed. Louisville still doesn’t have a whole “relevant” starting five in the league. Why the recent college success of the two programs may be similar, this article is about nba success and player development not recent college success. How many number 1 picks has pitino had? Even better how many lottery picks as he had at ul? if you put all the uk and ul current nba alum in a fantasy draft of their own you wouldn’t even have a ul player in the first 10-15 picks. Earl Clark started because of injury and although he did well it was still only for jan-feb. he is at very best a role player. Russ smith won’t be a starter in the league and if he is that will give ul one maybe two starters. In comparison to uk who has at least six starters and many more current players who get clock.

  26. There is nothing more hilarious on earth than UuhK fans posting real witty comments. Why do any of you queef brownies care who goes pro. The nba is a snore to watch compared to college. The article was saying how trey thinks UL develops kids a little better than UK. Thia isnt an arguable statement. It would be like us saying pitino gets more 5 star recruits. But of course you guys have this ridiculous ability to always misplace your anger on UL. I saw on the article on the louisville wal mart selling the framed picture of darius miller and it wasn’t him in the shot. How did the majority of the genius UK fans respond? Yep insults and rage on UL. Really morons? As if a diabolical UL fan was making these pictures and distributing them to wal mart. Use your brains. No one is jealous of you. We wouldn’t trade how we do us for how you do you for any number of championships. Some things are bigger. Like how our guys actually have a brotherhood and your players have to stop and think for a second where they went to “school”.

  27. The fact that you say this isn’t an arguable statement shows your ignorance. Winning isn’t everything, wanting to is. Also when you imply that you would rather have your players bond than win a championship it makes it seem like your better off watching YMCA ball leagues than competive sports. Your not a fan dude. Uk-ul is ont of the fiercest rivalries in sports. At least the other people on here defending ul are fans. I can respect them. you must be lost. im sure there is a church youth league near you lol just stick with telling the kids that’s its ok to lose as long as you tried hard. I can respect ul and what they’ve done recently as well as pitino and how great of a college coach he is. I can respect a grown person who is ok with not winning. That’s like saying your cool with failing

  28. I can’t repsect a grown person who isn’t cool with winning I mean. And ul recruited Davis wall cousins etc. they just didn’t pick them

  29. Just your warped UK mentality. You like most other UK fans could care less who come in and out of the revolving doord at the puppy mill that is UK. All i am saying is i like our guys coming up together and bonding it ahows on the xourt and makes for good ball games to’s like movie for example you probably like to check your brain at the door and watch a special effects eyegasm with no thought provoking plot or character development. That is all good and great. I like those movies on rare occasionc too. But you dont win academy awardswith those films. Personally i wouldn’t like having a new starting 5 every year it feels very…fast food to me. Instant cheap gratification is obviously fine with you but not really with me. I like seeing guys like russ go from “who the hell” to wooden award nominee. I like how pitino BUILDS a team. It may take awhile but we louisville fans are patient. We appreciate our coach and players and actually care about them and the player obviously care a great deal for each other evident of the reaction by them to ware’s injury. I didn’t see the UK player react anywhere near concerned at noel granted his was like a paper cut in comparison. I equate it like this. Say you have a kindergarten class and two kids have the same birthday so they both bring in cupcakes for the class. Well CATherine took the easy route and bought her cupcakes while CARDinia (stretching i know) put time into them and made them from scratch. Both tasty cupcakes but more respect more the kid who made them.

    • You are so full of it. If you’re old enough you probably slammed slick rick until he came to Louisville. If Cal coached Loserville you’d be all up his junk trunk. Cal doesn’t like the one and done rule. He recruits the best players. Period. After that let the chips fall where they may. If Ricky could recruit the best you’d love it. PS You’re an idiot.

  30. Grammar errors galore. I apologize. Doing this on a phone. Cupcakes wes…all I’m

  31. I see your point. To each their own as they say. As long as we win I’m good lol nice analogy with the cupcakes btw

  32. The writer is assuming a lot by one comment made by a high school kid. It could have meant he was choosing UK but wanted to throw UL a bone by saying something positive about them.

  33. 2013 National Champs. Put that in your toothless mouth and smoke it.

  34. I dont know why you guys meaning my fellow Louisville Fans try and argue with these people. Their irrational. You can’t win. Louisville is the only University in history to accomplish what it did last year. Mens National Title, Basketball, Womens National Runner Up, BCS Win of number 2 ranked Florida, all in the same year. Let them gloat about the one and only thing they have going for them, and that is that they are a good basketball program, maybe the best, but that doesn’t bother me. Louisvilles 6th all time, has 3 National Titles, a great football program with multiple BCS wins, a good if not great womens basketball program, an awesome baseball program, and the list goes on. Even if Louisville was to win the next 5 National Championships in a role there would still be stereotypical UK fans that would try to discredit it. That’s why I let their arrogance, ignorance, and basketball flatulism go in one ear and out the other. Im 31 years old and since I’ve been born UK has 3 National Titles and Louisville has 3 National Titles. That’s all i care about. If anyone cared about titles won in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, then we would all consider UCLA the best program ever remembering that they have the most National Titles ever, but how relevant has UCLA been in the last 3 decades. You can’t change their minds, they will never admit that we are a great program despite obvious evidence that we are. One last note is to remember that while UK does have more players in the NBA, 55 percent of their 1st round draft picks are playing in the D-league so who cares. Let it go. We are good, we will be good, we are only going to get better, and like I remembered them saying last fall when they got that 1 recruiting class they got how good they were going to be. We have superstar recruits coming in now, and if you think for one minute that Pitino’s not going to continue that trend than well you must be drinking the blue Kool Aid. Oh, and don’t forget that two of their 3 titles since 1980 were from teams that our coach put together. I guess they will try to deny that too.

    • GO CARDS!!!!!!!!

      2013 Men’s National Champions

      2013 BCS Sugar Bowl Champions

      2013 Women’s Runner UP

      2013 Men’s Baseball World Series Appearance

  35. When we add Trey Lyles to our already ranked #2 recruiting class in the nation their run at #1 recruiting classes will come to an end as well.

    Plus we will get 2 more top 50 players on top of that. So the days of not getting true NBA talent as they claim we don’t, are over.

    Something they should think about, If Louisville’s had the success that they have had up until this point without their so called NBA guys, what do you thinks gonna happen now that we are getting those caliber players,

    And were also joining the best basketball conference in America, the ACC

    DUKE, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, NC State, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Florida State, the list goes on.

    Case Closed, More national titles in that conference in basketball than all the others combined starting next year

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