Louisville Will Auction Off Pieces Of The 2013 Final Four Court

final four courts

Northwestern Mutual, a financial company based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin, has purchased the court that was used in the Georgia Dome for the 2013 NCAA men’s Final Four. They have donated the court to the University of Louisville.

The court will be turned into multiple souvenir pieces for fans to purchase. All proceeds from the court will go towards the fight against pediatric cancer. Each piece of the court is expected to be numbered and will have a Louisville logo added to it.

Northwestern Mutual did the same thing last year following Kentucky’s national championship. UK auctioned off 300 pieces of the 2012 Final Four court to local hospitals while John Calipari kept part of the court to use for his team’s new locker room.

Rick Pitino along with representatives from Northwestern Mutual and Kosair Children’s Hospital are expected to have a press conference on Tuesday with more details.

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  1. Man, I wish I had the deep pockets to afford such a luxury. Anybody have any idea how much a piece goes for??

    • You know what they say, if you have to ask…. lol!

      I can’t afford it either, but there’s a sweet video on You Tube where they show the floor being built using time lapse photography.

  2. THATS BEEN DONE, REMEMER 2012! Think for yourselves don’t copy from the BEST!

    • Richard Ginter

      Come on Sue you cant be that much of a Kentucky fan if you blow away the intent of the Cardinals. The money is going to charity for crying out loud not into the pockets of Ricky baby. Give it a rest there are some thing you don’t put down and charity is one. I am a died in the wool BIG BLUE fan and had season tickets until I moved to Florida and had to give them up. Go Big Blue

    • Richard Ginter

      BTW I hope all of the National Championship winners will “copy” UK the inspirational leader of CBB.

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