The Hatred Between Rick Pitino & John Calipari Is Genuine


Over the past year, the Rick Pitino vs. John Calipari feud has somewhat died down. Sure the rivalry is still as intense as ever, considering both teams have won national championships in the past two years. However, the “sneak-dissing” from Calipari and Pitino that we saw from 2009-2011 has stopped.

After Kentucky eliminated Louisville from the Final Four in 2012, Rick Pitino took the classy route and said that he hoped Calipari and the Wildcats could bring the national title back to the Bluegrass State.

When Louisville was on their title run this past season and Calipari’s team was bounced from the first round of the NIT, he seemed to be humbled.  Any time he was asked about Pitino’s 2013 team, he spoke glowingly about how good they were and about how tough it was for them to be the picked to win the entire thing and then actually doing it. Similar to what his team did in 2012.

Don’t let all of this fool you. The hatred between Rick Pitino and John Calipari still exists and it is very real.

One Dead Person: Oscar Combs on Calipari V. Pitino from Rory Owen Delaney on Vimeo.

This was sample clip from the Red V. Blue documentary that Adam Lefkoe from WHAS11 is putting together. They’ve launched a kick-starter page to raise the necessary funding in order to complete this project. Click here to make a donation. This documentary needs to happen.

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  1. I don't hate Cal or UK or its fan base. To do so would imply relevance, and anyone watching any sport from that university knows that they are becoming more irrelevant by the year….

  2. UK will always be relevant because they win. 52 regular season conference championships, 29 conference tournament championships and 8 NCAA championships. Eat it hater.

  3. Josh Lustenberger

    Robert Morris disagrees.

  4. Josh Lustenberger

    8 Championships is obviously impressive, but never brag about SEC regular season and tournament championships. Before 2006, the SEC only had two schools who have ever won a National Championship in UK and Arkansas… Don't you find it odd that the only sport that UK has seen significant success in, is also the same sport that the rest of the conference has 0% tradition in? If it weren't for its men's basketball tradition, UK would have been demoted to the Sun Belt Conference decades ago.

  5. Don't feed the hate UK is better than what Louisville has become since the Denny Crumb era.

  6. Josh Lustenberger

    Who is this Denny Crumb that you speak of?

  7. Mr. Lustenberger… It's nice to see that you support your team the way you do, but if you do not know who Denny Crum is then it just goes to show that you are a "flash in the pants" Louisville fan. Robert Morris was a bad loss for KY but when you look at the record of KY vs Louisville, KY has beaten UL more times. No need to go into who's record is best as we know KY is FAR a head. So blow your smoke if it makes you feel better because our coach hasn't been the laughing clown for having a "Table Affair" for 3 minutes and it being talked about world wide.

  8. …then completely ignores the fact that uofl never played a high level of competition until the late 80's. SEC or CON USA? SEC.


  10. They didn't win shot this last time ASS.

  11. I'm pretty sure that would be sarcasm. The guy misspelled his name as Denny "Crumb."

  12. I will be totally honest with everyone I get really tired of the UK v UL feud because at the end of the day both basketball program are great.

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