NBA Mock Draft Update: Where Will Siva & Dieng Be Selected?

gorgs peyton

With the 2013 NBA Draft just one week away, the mainstream NBA mock drafts are being updated on a daily basis. Here is a rundown of where Gorgui Dieng and Peyton Siva are projected to be selected.

Gorgui Dieng Round 1, 22nd pick, Brooklyn Nets Round 1, 20th pick, Chicago Bulls*: Round 1, 28th pick, San Antonio Spurs Round 1, 17th pick, Atlanta Hawks Round 1, 18th pick, Atlanta Hawks

Sports Illustrated*: Round 1, 17th pick, Atlanta Hawks

Peyton Siva Round 2, 53rd pick, Indiana Pacers Round 2, 55th pick, Memphis Grizzlies Undrafted Round 2, 50th pick, Atlanta Hawks

* = only predicts first round picks.

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  1. Gorgui won’t make it to 28. The Knicks draft report was that he was great but they assume he will be gone before they’re pick at 24.

  2. Whoever picks up Peyton will get a steal….he has the the talent to be a great point guard,,,who cares about size when your job is to dribble and dish off and most important be a LEADER,

    Gorgi,,,sorry but he is a project who I don’t think can bang with the big boys….I think he will be an NBA bust. I am a die hard UL fan but I don’t think he has the body and attitude to make it.

  3. I wish Gorgui could be there at 28, playing with Duncan would really help his game.

    Speaking of SA, as I watch Tony Parker I keep thinking about Siva; call me crazy, but there games are very much alike.

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