Tim Brando Says Louisville Football Will Win The National Championship In 2013


Tim Brando, a national radio host and play-by-play announcer for CBS made a very bold prediction earlier this afternoon on his radio show. Brando released his preseason top 10 rankings for the 2013 college football season and has Louisville at No. 1. He also predicts Charlie Strong and the Cardinals to win the 2013 National Championship.

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Nick Coffey
Nick Coffey is the creator and lead publisher for TheCardinalConnect.com. Along with covering Louisville basketball, football and recruiting, Nick has worked in sports talk radio for over three years.


  1. robertedwardo162@gmail.com

    finally someone with ALOT of smarts!!
    gotta love the bold prediction and you never know what will happen.
    all i know is i told everybody i talked to last season that we would win the national championship in b-ball and now look!!
    you never know, way to go brando baby!!

  2. Timmy is my new FAVORITE person!!!!!!!

  3. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice, if we faced Ohio State in the championship game, and Whoop them like we did Florida. After Gordon Gee’s ASS hat comments.

  4. Dude, this was on national radio….. anyone could have reported it on their site at any time – and I am sure that EVERY Louisville fan site has the story up at this point.

    I also am an avid reader of cardchronicle as well as the cardinal connect and I am sure that if Mike had a problem of any kind he would reach out to Nick about it. He does not need you, or me, or anyone else to be his internet police for him.

    You sort of show a level of infatuation for Mike in your writing and it is a bit weird to be honest. Both these guys are good writers who provide really fun, insightful, and timely information about the program that we love….. let’s not make them any more than that.

  5. A GOOD writer gives credit to where he gets his information. NUMEROUS times this site will take information not just from card chronicle but from other sites. Even going as far as copying parts of their text and giving them NO CREDIT at all. Any time Mike uses information from this site he ALWAYS sites that he got it from here. NICK NEVER gives credit when he does that. And actually I know Mike personally and he DOES have a problem with this site and how they never give credit when they use his material. So yes someone needs to speak up on it and since I am close to mike I will be the one who does it. Nick tries to delete my posts because he knows what he is doing and doesn’t want to be exposed. But guess what I have a thousand IP addresses so I will ALWAYS be on here calling you out until you start to do what’s right.

    • Hey Poser, do us all a favor. The next time you finish deep throating Mike, take a breath mint. No one wants to smell your jism breath when you come over here spewing your garbage.

    • I’m going to tell you this straight up as someone that has been to both sites. Cardinal Connect generally has articles up faster than Card Chronicle. This is evidence to me that they are not just taking information from Card Chronicle. Look on the site and you will see plenty of articles (especially about recruiting) that Card Chronicle hasn’t even written one word about.

      There are a lot of fans on Card Chronicle that want it to be the only UofL fansite and have stated such in forums. Many people on Card Chronicle will pick a fight with you and when you say something back will boot you off the site b/c they are “long time” members. They don’t take kindly over there to people with different opinions.

      I say great that we have TWO really great fan sites and ONE site where people can disagree without getting kicked out.

    • Get over it DOUCHE!!

      • Playa hater, turn your head ’round
        Lay on the ground,
        you’ve been robbed
        Wake up, open the door
        Lay on the floor, you’ve been robbed

        You know we need this money
        And you, yes baby, you should just roll with me
        Let’s go off together Of this robbin’ spree, we’ll make money

        Playa hater, turn your head ’round
        Take off that crown,
        you’ve been robbed
        Wake up, open the door
        Don’t cry no more, you’ve been robbed

        You see, there are two kind of people in the world today We have the playaz and we have the playa haters Please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, baby….


  6. If Lville and The Ohio State played, Lville would get beat hands down!

  7. I would love for this to come to fruition. We won a national championship in basketball but Louisville is known as a basketball school. I would LOVE to see my alma mater pull one off in football too. If we are gonna do it, this is the year. We got the coach, the quarterback and nearly every other starter coming back. I will be pulling for my CARDS, win or lose! L1C4!!!

    As for the Cardchronicle vs. Cardinal Connect business, is it possible to just look at the fact that they both only exist because of an athletic program that is enjoying the most successful time in it’s entire history? Let’s celebrate that instead of talking about which source has what up first. All fans and alumni are proud of what this athletic program has accomplished and we are proud of where things are heading. There has never been a better time to be a Louisville fan. Let’s all just enjoy that because there is no guarantee that it will ever be this good again and when we look back at these times, no one is gonna give a fuck about who posted the good news first

  8. Brando’s predictions are great for making headlines for him, Helps the Cards get recognition, might help with recruiting but definitely not what the players need to hear.The Cards need to focus on Kentucky, Cincinnati etcc. They will be fortunate to have a shot at another bowl game. They are good but not overwhelming good! The worst thing they can do is start looking ahead of the next game. Go Cards!

  9. I love to see CARD fans fight. As a Big Blue fan it does me good to see you disagree to disagree and then disagree about that. GO BIG BLUE !!! Oh, by the way you have a misserably weak football schedule the sesson. Good luck on that National Title in football {:>)

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