Kevin Ware Pays A Visit To Teenage Girl Who Was Recently Struck By A Car

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The daughter of Wave3 news anchor John Boel was seriously injured Wednesday night when she and another girl were hit by a car in the east end of Louisville. According to Wave3, Brianna suffered a fractured skull, a broken leg and a broken wrist. Doctors were also monitoring brain bleeding and a possible spine injury.

Boel underwent surgery on Thursday to insert rods into her badly broken leg. Both her tibia and fibula snapped. The injury is very similar to the one that Kevin Ware sustained in the NCAA tournament.

If there is one person who can relate to the traumatic leg injury that Brianna is going through, it’s Kevin Ware himself.

Ware stopped by Kosair Children’s Hospital on Thursday evening to give Brianna some words of encouragement. Ware signed her cast “Pinky promise, you will be fine.”

John Boel shared this on his Facebook page following Ware’s visit.

In the end, we’re not measured by points or titles. It’s what we do for others in need. U of L’s Kevin Ware heard about Brianna Boel’s fractured skull, wrist and horribly broken leg after being hit in a crosswalk, and offered to come to Kosair and show her how the rods implanted into her leg will not kill her dreams. It was the first smile in 2 painful days from this 14 yr old. God Bless you Kevin!

Get well soon, Brianna, and keep being awesome, Kevin!

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Nick Coffey
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  1. Wow. That injury to Kevin was a life changer — not only to Kevin but to every young person like Brianna that he can reach out and touch in a similar circumstance. He is going to make that awful injury a positive thing, isn’t he. Nick your ending was perfect: “Get well soon, Brianna, and keep being awesome, Kevin!”

  2. I used to go to school with her, she is pretty and smart. I wish I could have gotten to know her better. Thank you Kevin Ware for helping her. The girls so lucky and had their gardian angels over them. I hope this will help open eyes on rode safety!!! Get Better Brianna (or Bri) and kudos to Kevin!!!

  3. Kevin Ware. Taking ‘class’ to the stratosphere.

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