Kentucky Football Commit Adds Fuel To The Bluegrass Rivalry

denzel ware

Considering the talent/success gap between the Louisville and Kentucky football programs over the past two years, I imagine it could be tough for Charlie Strong’s program to find motivation when going up against Kentucky. That will definitely be changing soon. Since Mark Stoops was hired in Lexington, Kentucky fans are actually excited about their football program, due to the impressive recruiting from Stoops and staff. While Kentucky football deserves credit for improving in recruiting, they also need a reality check. The gap between the two programs right now is as big as it’s ever been.

One of the highly regarded recruits that Mark Stoops has picked up a commitment from is Denzel Ware, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound, defensive end from Crestview, FL. Ware is a big time talent and has offers from some of the top programs in the country.

Apparently Ware is drawing interest from Louisville. Assistant coach Ron Dugans reached out to Ware on Facebook earlier this week. In case you weren’t aware, this is isn’t uncommon. Football and basketball recruiting is a lot different and recruits who are committed, but not yet signed with a school are actively pursued by other schools. However, it’s not common for recruits to screen shot messages from other coaches.

ware screenshot

Bad form, Denzel.

As I mentioned, it’s tough to find motivation when you’re going up against a program that is 7-17 overall and 2-14 in SEC play over the last two years, but this can only help.

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  1. Wow what a sad little blog post. You must not follow college football recruiting? This young man telling UL “no” while telling UK “yes” is quite common. It began after Stoops was hired, he nabbed several recruits in the 2013 class who also held offers from UL. And now this blockbuster top 5 2014 class for UK features the vast majority who chose Stoops while rejecting Cholly Strong. Please, educate yourself better about the subject you are attempting to comment on in the future.

    Bad form? He didnt use the type of vulger language typical of UL fans. He told your coach “no” and even provided a reason for doing so. Seems pretty polite and straight forward, the correct form indeed.

    • Stfu man. Nobody asked for your opinion or your bullshit UK fan responses. Quit trollin

    • Lmfao, do you know how loaded UofL is with d-backs? The only reason he chose UK is because he knew he would play right away without any competition. It’s hilarious when UK goes 2-10 and the NIT in the same year, and then come talk shit to the sugar bowl & national champs. So your weak FB & BB team has to prove themselves to us….


      • Way to do your research Kirk, too bad he’s not even a defensive back. He’s a top 50 DE

        • Mybad, I misread the article. I don’t keep up with FB recruiting like I do in BB. But I see you completely ignored the fact that UK was 2-10 in FB last year, and now you’re talkin shit like UK won the sugar bowl…

  2. I’m a Louisville fan and its sounds like the kid made his choice now lets see if he pans out 3 yrs from now we may say glad we didn’t get that Ware kid he sucks.

  3. I agree with you Cat fans, I’m really not interested in what a UK recruit has to say. But, while we’re talking UK recruiting…. Enjoy the success fella’s!! By the time Mr Stoops makes it through his 1st SEC schedule, most of these kids will be jumping ship if not Stoops himself. Have fun telling everyone you have a top 5 class in June PTI, lol!!

  4. Top 5 class???? Are you serious??? Bama, Florida, LSU, USC, Oregon, ND, etc have not SIGNED their guys yet! If you didn’t watch the great shift of classes last year on Signing Day I suggest you go do your research. Until these guys sign your recruiting class ranking means NOTHING!!! Even where they do it still means NOTHING!!!! UK had a Top 3 recruiting class last year in BB, and you were put out first round in the NIT by ROBERT MORRIS!!!! The gap in football is HUGE, and that will never change! You will never be an Alabama. You gave that shot up when you let Bear Bryant go idiots!!!! Lol. Besides, I thought UK was a basketball school, and ya’ll don’t care about football. #Jealousy!

  5. LOL ! So Card fans are mad cause this kid told a UL asst. no ?

    Face it UL fans you are a little jealous that a team that is way down is recruiting way better than a team with a win over Florida. Its suprising to me also that a lot of kids are turning down Strong . Too bad Clint Hurtt isnt around to take them to dinner and buy the Cardnial gear among other things.

    Nobody wants to play in the AAC. hahaha

    • I think you’re mad because Archie Badloss and his group of 5 star failures lost to a cigarette company in the NIT’s. And atleast win 5-6 games in FB before you come to this website to talk shit.


    UK football????BWAHAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA, are you kidding me other than the trophy frim 1948 wtf have you guys done???
    nothing does that sound correct!!!

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