Bobby Petrino Says He’s Always Been A Louisville Fan

Petrino ulSince leaving the University of Louisville in 2007, former Cardinal football coach Bobby Petrino has proved that he has some flaws.

A less than professional departure from the Atlanta Falcons and a disastrous scandal at the University of Arkansas has more than humbled Petrino.

When the 2013 college football season starts Petrino will be coaching the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. The program is entering its fifth season at the FBS level.

It seems as if there are two different ways that Cardinal fans perceive Bobby Petrino’s tenure at Louisville. The majority of them appear to dislike him for up and leaving after claiming that he was loyal to Tom Jurich and the University of Louisville for giving him the opportunity. Other may perceive Petrino in a positive light. The consistent success that Louisville football had during the Petrino era is something the program had never experienced before.

As a person, Petrino has given you more than one reason to dislike him. However, it’s hard not to appreciate what he did for the Louisville football program during his time here.

Petrino was on the outskirts of Louisville yesterday afternoon making an appearance at the Topper Tour WKU alumni event at the Heritage Hill Golf Club. When asked by the media about his time at Louisville, Petrino had nothing, but good things to say.

“I’m happy about Louisville,” Petrino told the media. “Coach Strong has done an awesome job.”

“You always look back on ‘What if?’ or ‘Should I have stayed?’ or ‘Did I make a mistake? At the time I thought I was doing something I always dreamed of and always wanted to do in the NFL. Certainly when I did leave, I’ve always been a Louisville fan.”

In his first year at the helm, Western Kentucky is the preseason favorite to win the Sunbelt Championship. The Toppers will kick off their season against Kentucky in Nashville.

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  1. Bobby remains one of my favorite coaches! I am glad he has gotten a fresh start at WKU..Now I hope he goes and opens a can of ^^*()(*&$% on the Mr. Stoops.

  2. Most of Us knew that In his heart Petrino wanted a Head Coaching Job in the NFL long before he ever signed on to UofL It is hard to fault someone for following their dream, My biggest regret is that if he had stayed another couple of years we may never have had the drop-off we had under Coach K, and maybe we would have hired someone more up to the task of continuing the progress we had made. Bobby made a bunch of bad decisions, starting with Leaving Louisville. I hope he has learned from those mistakes and can move Western into the #2 position in Kentucky College Football. Right behind UofL.

  3. Thanks but not thanks; I feel that old adage applies precisely to how I view his work here and the prospects that he ever return.

  4. Good luck Toppers- knock the @&%! out of the kitty cats!

  5. I love Coach Bobby Petrino’s football coaching acumen. And I don’t begrudge him chasing the NFL dream. I was truely sorry to see him leave Louisville and even more so when he left the Falcons so abruptly. I don’t really care for his personal demeanor or his apparent lack of personal and professional integity. We got an upgrade with Coach Charlie Strong. Unfortunately we had to endure the Kragthorpe years in between. I don’t blame that on Petrino as it was all Steve’s ineptitude that destroyed what Howard, John L Smith and Bobby built. I hope Coach Petrino kicks the stuffing out of UK. I see him staying at WKU for the next several years and then he gets another SEC opportunity (say at Ols Miss or Tennessee, just someplace that he can continue to spank the Wildcats every year).

  6. Carolina Cardinal

    You gotta love him for the characterization of Kentucky as “Slapdicks”.

  7. Bobby did amazing things here. I spent a year at WKU, now a student at Louisville. I have even more of a reason to cheer on WKU against Kentucky. T-O-P-S, Tops, Tops,Tops lol Go Cards!!

  8. It’s the fact he lied to jurich after we told him we had the money and he was on a plane to auburn the next day before he even interviewed with the falcons. I don’t want someone who is a cheater and a liar. He can be a hilltopper his whole life but don’t come back to my city.

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