Tom Crean Seems To Be Coming Around To The Idea Of Playing Louisville

tom crean

I don’t think I’m the only one who would love to see an annual series between Louisville & Indiana in both basketball and football. Considering the schools are only a little over 100 miles apart and both would benefit from adding one another their schedule, it just makes sense.

Tom Jurich and the University of Louisville have been attempting to add the Hoosiers to their schedule for quite some time, particularly in basketball. Rick Pitino spoke with IU head coach Tom Crean during the offseason last year and attempted to get something setup. Indiana and Louisville were preseason No. 1 and No. 2 in the polls. Pitino even offered to travel to Bloomington for the first game last year, but unfortunately Crean didn’t have any interest in playing Louisville.

Crean was at the Hubers Farm on Wednesday evening speaking to IU fans in the area. When asked by the media about potentially adding Louisville to the schedule, Crean didn’t imply that it was a done deal, but he appears to be coming around to the idea.

“Yeah, I think so, absolutely,” Crean said when asked about potentially playing Louisville. “The Jimmy V Classic is something that’s a potential for down the road.”

“I think right now with anything home-and-home, all of that stuff is on hold as we wait to see what our league decides to do and if there’s some other opportunities that could come up,” Crean said. “The last thing we can do right now is get into too many road game situations where all of the sudden we’d be home games short because something hadn’t come to reality yet or something hadn’t been acted upon yet that could come up.”

“But the Jimmy V is definitely something that we’re looking forward to in due time with them and hopefully something else. But it’s too early to tell past that.”

Louisville and Indiana had a two-year series, which ended in 2003 and haven’t played each other since. I have no inside source with this situation, but I’d say the ball is in your court, Tommy.


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  1. Nobody wants to play us. I love it.

  2. He’s scared. Otherwise you don’t turn down a home game when you’re the #1 team preseason. He’s a pussy and I hope they continue to be irrelevant, just like they have been the last 20 years. One time past the Sweet 16 in 20 years is pathetic for a school and fanbase who claims to be one of the top programs.

    • John McCalister

      Actually, they have been past the Sweet 16 twice in the past 20 years, remember? In Mike Davis’ first year (2002) they beat Duke in the Sweet 16 before losing to Maryland in the National Championship and then this past year, they lost to Syracuse in the Elite 8. I wanted to see Louisville beat Indiana in the National Championship game. We did our part, not much more that we could do.

      • Actually, the Syracuse ass whoopin’ was in the Sweet 16. Syracuse beat Marquette in the Elite 8, remember? The Final 4 run is the only one, as I was referencing. So they’ve only been past the Sweet 16 once in that time.

        Again, they’ve been irrelevant on a national level for the last 20 years. As Kerry points out, who cares about what happened that long ago when they won their first few. That’s like UK fans and Notre Dame football fans talking about the number of championships each has. When the majority of your championships came before many fans were born, then the current program probably isn’t as good as your fans like to think it is.

        In the entire history of basketball, they are one of the top programs. But in recent history, they’re not an elite program. That’s all I was trying to articulate…well, that and my disdain for Crean. I will never respect that guy. He’s always been a sore loser and a pompous winner. A dose of humility would do him good.

  3. John McCalister

    Indiana IS one of the top programs. They have accomplished quite a bit. I think any Louisville fan would be ecstatic to have the track record that Indiana has BUT, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best and in order to beat the best, you have to actually play the best. Tom Crean is a great coach but this is a total bitch move. Since Calipari pussed out of the IU-UK series, that opens up a non-conference game against a top team and there is no one better than the CHAMPS!!!

  4. IU hasn’t won a championship since 87. Granted we hadn’t since 86. Yes they have 5, but when were these? Is an 18 yo boy gonna care about them winning in the 40s, 50s, and 70s? No! So as a Card fan I don’t care about IU’s history. We have history, and we’re making history. Stop living in the past.

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