The Ultimate Gorgui Dieng Highlight Mix

Excited Gorgs

There is still a part of me that hasn’t accepted that when the Louisville basketball team takes the floor for the first time next season, Gorgui Dieng won’t be with them. In my four years of covering the team, Dieng has single handedly the most beloved Cardinal. With back-to-back Final Four appearances and a national championship, I think it’s safe to say that Gorgs will go down as one of the best Louisville front-court players in the history of the program.

OkanIAmTheMan on YouTube has been putting together ultimate highlight mixes of some of the best college basketball players in the country from last season. On Tuesday afternoon he published the Ultimate Gorgui Dieng Highlight Mix. Enjoy.

It’s okay to cry…I promise.

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  • Lance

    Nice! Gonna miss ol’gourgi too

  • Greg Huffman

    You will be remembered as one of the best Gorgi – best of luck to you