Kevin Ware Moving Quickly On The Road To Recovery

ware crutches

When Louisville sophomore guard Kevin Ware went down with a compound fracture to his right leg in the regional finals of the NCAA tournament, it was tough to predict when exactly he’ll be able to return to the court.

A gruesome injury like that will require at least eight months of rehab before Ware can even think about participating in full contact practices. However, Ware is as upbeat as possible about his unfortunate situation.

ESPN’s Dana O’Neil caught up with Ware over the weekend while she was in town for the Kentucky Derby. Ware shared his optimistic approach with her. “I look at it all as motivation,” he tells O’Neil. “You can’t finish until you get started.’’

It almost seems unreal to imagine, but just five weeks after the gruesome injury, Ware is already riding a stationary bike and slowly starting to be able to put pressure on his right leg.

Following the Kentucky Derby, Ware headed back to Georgia for a brief visit and will soon return back to Louisville. Just because he headed home for a few days, that doesn’t mean he was taking a break from rehabbing. Ware posted this photo on his Instragram account yesterday from Rockdale County High School.

ware shooting

The most difficult part of his rehab process is still to come, but Ware says he is aware and ready. “I’m sure the hard days are coming. I know they are. But I think I’m a lot stronger now to handle them.’’

It’s not crazy to think that Ware will be a vital part of next year’s team when it’s all said and done. The progress he’s made in just five weeks is truly remarkable.

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  • Bo Sutton

    Keep working hard!

  • StrongDefense

    Keep your head up. I hope you get better Ware.

  • Bill

    Still praying for you and your recovery.

  • Stephanie

    God bless you with healing

  • RickJ

    Amazing; everything about this story has been amazing, and that includes how completely Kevin has exited the shell he had built, now we are blessed to get to know the real Kevin.

    Good luck young man, keep working.

  • TLWJ45

    I have know doubt u will come back alot stronger, mentally & physically & my prayers r with u all the way. GOCARDS

  • gt3ch

    God Speed buddy!

  • Charlie

    You go Kevin!!!…. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!! GO CARDS!!!

  • Vaughn Anderson

    Florida is with you. You have shown guts, determination and courage. I believe you have the makings of a great basketball player. Whatever, we are PROUD of you.

  • Lerone Gatewood

    This is lerone gatewood from louisville ky, wishing you a speedy recovery. And can not wait to see you back on the bball court.

  • Dawson

    That a boy u fought and you got good results I’m proud even no Im not a cards fan but for baseball I am so good luck man

  • Timothy

    I absolutely love the heart and determination this young man has!

  • Jeff Stout

    Kentucky fans are behind you. We appreciate the talent you have as a Division I basketball player. Louisville has always been a formidable foe and I know we all look forward to when you can get back on the court and both teams go at it. Good for college basketball win or lose.
    Actually, there is no loser when both teams play to their potential. Keep up the good work Kevin. Your are an inspiration to those with injuries.