CBS Predicts Louisville Will Face Texas In The Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl

We’re still about four months away from the start of the 2013 college football season, but Jerry Palm of CBS Sports is already taking a stab at predicting all 35 next year’s bowl games. Palm projects Louisville will take on Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.

louisville texas bowl

I certainly hope that Palm is incorrect and that Louisville will play for a national championship in the Rose Bowl. However, for what it’s worth, Palm was one of the only ones that predicted Louisville to play in the Sugar Bowl last year.

[CBS 2013 Bowl Projections]

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  1. I doubt Texas will win the big 12

  2. Sounds good but Louisville’s SOS will barely get them into the top ten even if they run the table. A one or even two loss SEC team will pass them

  3. Louisville will win the Big East but has ZERO chance at the MNC game due to computers destroying them over their schedule.

  4. Thats a step back from last year…not good! I know our SOS is not good and even running the table against this weak schedule should put us in a better position than last year because clearly Coach Strong has something going on and its not our fault Maryland is not leaving till next year, Bring on the ACC so we can terrorize them, and get our proper due!!!

  5. Step back, up or down the Cards need to just keep winning. Keep the talk going about them on national sports shows. Then start building all over after they get into the ACC. No matter the bowl as long as its one of the major bowl’s and they stay in the top 8 to 10, they will get plenty of expossure. Good or bad recurits will be watching and listening. As long as they keep seeing and hearing Louisville this or Louisville that it only helps Charlie and his staff. Positive or negitive expossure can and will be used by the staff, with recurits as well as players already part of this team. #L1C4

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